Battle of the Wheys

Talking strictly about whey proteins here: what are the pros and cons of the different whey proteins (CFM whey isolate, ion-exchange whey isolate, whey protein concentrate)? I know Cy Willson thinks whey isolate is not much better than concentrate, but anybody out there test his theory out? Anybody gain more on isolate than concentrate?

I personally believe that wpi is simply better absorbed in the body than a concentrate. Forget about all these factors etc. that are found only in wpc, it’s cheap, it’s better to make a profit off of. That’s enough for any sup company to know. Wpi is absorbed better and is also (if this is still of importance) of higher bv. I know this has little to do with Cy’s recommendations, but he’s 19 years old. What does that mean? He’s probably more head strong at this age despite his all his knowledge. Cy has spoken to me about protein before and contradicted himself by saying that bv was one of his recommendations for a top protein then he suggests a wpc which has a lower bv than a wpi. Also, many people don’t tolerate a concentrate as well(I should know, most brands on the market, even the best selling one makes me sick).

I contradicted myself huh? Hmm. Well, since age obviously equates to intelligence and knowledge, I’d better bow down to you. I really don’t feel like I have to prove myself to you. Actually, if you’ve read any thing of mine with some degree of attention you would have noticed some things. First off, it’s whey isolate that claims to contain the extra factors as you call them, not concentrate. My whole argument was that isolate isn’t any better because of these extra factors, as they don’t do anything. Secondly, there are TWO factors, two being the key word here, that, in my opinion, are the the most important determinants of how much lean tissue you’ll accrue. These are BV AND rate of absorption (Yep, that’s been a large point in both of my recent protein articles.) So you see, I didn’t contradict myself, you simply didn’t read everything and then jumped to conclusions. Don’t worry, your negativity won’t get to me. If it did, I wouldn’t have stepped into the game at age 6. It’s sad when others have nothing else better to do than come up with ill founded ideas in order to “bring you down” and to comfort themselves, since the idea of someone my age having klowledge obviously makes you uncomfortable and it’s impossible for a 19 year to know more than you. This is my final response to you gmm, I won’t get in a “post fight” with you. Say what you want. Try to come up with a better argument besides “whey isolate is better cuz Cy is only 19 and he simply can’t be somewhat right because of his younger age” Show me studies, good ones, that prove your right. Okay, they don’t even have to be good, just studies. I understand I may not be right about everything, and I never will be 100% correct 100% of the time, but saying that I’m headstrong because I’m young is ridicuolous. Every writer is “headstrong” with his ideas until he’s proven otherwise. Changing your mind every other day isn’t a huge indicator of knowledge and a good indicator of your lack in research skills. Nuff said.