Bartender and Meal Help

I am a bartender. I have asked 2 guys in my city about meal plans, but, they looked confused when I mentioned, “I’m a bartender and I don’t have time to eat, I can’t just leave the bar, lol.” I Work during the day…Everyone that I tell that to always has a question mark above their heads. What do you suggest that I do. This is a very fast paced job, heating up a prepped meal, and eating it isn’t an option time wise. Is there away around it, I know this is a far fetched question but I feel as if my results at the gym are been damaged due to the lack of timely feedings, lol.

Does your bar serve food? Try bringing 2or 3 servings meal replacement shakes, it takes 30 sec to take a swig every 90 minutes, big meal before shift, i know bartenders who take 2 hours to eat a dinner just graze when things slow down. Yes food is fuel not enough or not right type will hurt gains , if i got a big workout ahead i make sure get carb and sodium load 3 hours before.

Aslong as you are meeting your macros (especially around your workout) it doesnt matter about timing
Try doing an actual physical job for 10 hours with 30 mins break. Man up.
Most likely your gym results are damaged from alcohol, lack of sleep and being a pussy. no offence.

I think you’re complicating this…

You DON’T have to eat 5-6-7 meals a day like most articles and things suggest…

What counts is your calories/macros by the END of your day period. That is if you are in fact tracking…

As for getting hungry, focus on protein snack bars or something small like that to fit in to your busy time just to give you nutrients and hold you up until your meals…

Schedule your larger meals around your work hours either before or after.

You complicating this probably leaves you starving yourself, weaker for gym time, and is just stressing your body over nothing.

That’s just my opinion though. Most people whether a job similar to yours or a desk job, cannot just heat up meals and eat 3-4 times a day while at work… That’s a damn fact. But they know when to eat bigger meals and learn to bring certain snacks which take less than 2 minutes to consume to keep up with their body and energy.

You’re giving yourself excuses and making “eating” a second job.

Protein drink/bar, couple fish oil tabs and an apple -done in 90 secs

I bartended for 13 years and would take shakes with me with great success. I almost always had a chance during longer shifts to graze on something to eat. During my night club jobs it was shakes only- meal before, shake during, shake after, and maybe something to eat when I got home but usually not. I made my best gains and best physique while full-time bartending, I doubt because of it, but because of my motivation and schedule at the time. Bartending won’t hold your gains back, nutrition is a little harder while working and supplements are a great asset with the job.