Bars in Toronto

Hey there. i’m planning on visiting toronto next weekend and i want to know if there are any good cougar bars to go to? i’ll be staying in the west end near the airport. any help would be appreciated. cheers!

Have fun in Toronto,
There are a lot of bars/clubs. Pick up a free NOW newspaper if you can. I’m not into the scene anymore try here:
Anywhere on Yonge & Eglinton (aka Young & Eligible) - several pubs and upscale places such as Shark City

Try This is London (yes thats the name),or Easy and the Fifth.There is great chicks at both spots that are ready and willing.Get there early and dress nice.Search for This is
London’s website you can see what to expect.

If you’re out at the airport, check out Whiskey A-GO-GO. Great peeler joint at Jane and HWY 7. If you head downtown to Easy on the 5th, check out Crocodile Rock (Adelaide and Duncan) on Wednesday or The Parlour (King street and Peter) on Thursday or Indian Motorcycle (King and Peter) any night. Friday Night is free game anywhere. My Apartment is cool King and Peter). Saturday, go to the Pheonix at Sherbourne and College. Or if you want to stay in the west end, Check out Club 107 (not sure exactly where it is). The women there are supposed to be legendary. That’s off the top of my head, have fun!

Hey BigRob would you say Crocs on Wednesday has the easiest chicks in TO. My Buddies and I always go and have excellent luck trolling. All you have to do is go and say you are a cop on Wed and you will have some one sleeping over for breakfast

Dude, if your into the club scene, This is London on Sat. night has Toronto’s most amazing girls, but they are not “Cougars”, per say, but they are quite hot and it’s a total meat market if you look stylish, yet, original. I would have to say one of the best places I’ve been in T.O. for cougars, is the Madison Avenue Pub,on a Sat. night. Located on Madison Ave. right near Spadina & Bloor, there are tonnes of Cougars there, and If your good looking and look younger than they are, there all over you like a whore on a 9" Johnson.

Yeah, Croc rock is prime territory for pick ups. The Limelight is another place just across the street that was notorious for ease. I was once told if you go to the Lime Light and don’t get laid, you’re gay! Never been, even though I lived across the street for 2 years.

I guess you gotta mention Peel Pub for drunk-as-skunks-take-me-home kinda chickies. Definetely a younger crowd though. I worked there for a short while and found there was plenty to go around.

The Maddy is wicked though. We had a school get together a while ago that I couldn’t make it to there, but I heard stories.

The T-dot is the place!

Hey guys, thanks for the advice. While I was in Toronto I went to My Apartment in Mississauga. I also went to a place called Blue Suede Sue’s. This was a major cougar bar. Unfortunately, I did not head to any bars downtown as I was staying in the west end. I’ll be sure to check out the places you mentioned above the next time I go to T.O., which will be in a few weeks.