Bachelor Party Guide

keg of beer
stripper or two
a goat
and an train engineer’s hat

enjoy the party.

[quote]Lar-dog wrote:
About the only thing that I can add is NO PICTURES!!! No cameras, no video, no cellphone pics, no nothing. It may seem like a good idea at the time, but it’s way too easy for problems to “develop” when some pics start showing up later on. No matter if the groom-to-be is in them or not.

Just my 2 cents.[/quote]

great advice, and couldn’t be truer.

If you go with a donkey show, make sure you know the sex of the performers. And if they have a smoke machine, make sure nobody outside mistakes it for a fire.

[quote]solafide55 wrote:
lfa10 wrote:
this is the perfect thread for me because am also incharge of a bachelor party coming up this summer… the only question is how much does a bachelor party with the strippers and the girl/girl show cost? me and my friends are all poor kids just getting out of college so cost does concern me. any suggestions on how much this is gonna be? im just talking about the girls at the party though.

I’ve been researching that and in the Chicagoland area it is between 4-600 dollars for a 2 girl show for about an hour.

Prices will vary by location and day of the week. I’m pretty sure I can get it cheaper because the bachelor party is on a Thursday.[/quote]

That’s probably a good cost estimate, but be careful. It is not uncommon for them to quote you a price, but charge more when they get there. They can usually get away with this because they know you don’t have a choice. If you don’t pay up, they’ll leave and your party is ruined.

This happened to me when I was the planner. The bouncer made the mistake of parking the car in the driveway. We moved some cars and blocked them in. I told him they would honor the agreed to price whether he likes it or not.

With thirty guys there and many of us at least as big as him, they had to. But I do not suggest this course of action. Just be prepared if they ask for more money than agreed upon.