At a Crossroad Regarding Goals

I will be starting a program on tuesday its a course for the military and It will involve alot of running and crossfit type of excercises, I have been lifting and hitting the gym for like for years, I am at a crossroad in my confusion, I want to put on some size but i dont know if i should. I would start to do so after the course is over in August.

SO Aug first i would like to put on some size, but I want some advice if i should cut or start to get big…Cut some fat out before i start to try to put on some muscle…I will attach a pic so you can see what i mean I used to be 225 up until 12th grade so i think if i try to put on muscle i will put on alot of fat…Let me know

I reckon you should do the course and then assess where you are at the beg of August.

If the course has lots of running and crossfit stuff and you eat clean, then the chances are you will be leaner than you are now when you finish it. That would be a good time to start doing a serious weights prog.

If you start weights to build up in Aug at a leaner level than you are now and you eat right, you shouldn’t have to worry about putting on too much fat.