Are Testosterone Vials Waterproof?

My test vial accidentally ended up in the washing machine (fml!). I had used it a few times already but there’s still a lot left. It doesn’t look like any liquid entered it at all. My question is, can I still use it? And if I do, and it had been contaminated with some water + laundry soap would it cause some major adverse effects? I tried finding a answer online, but I guess this isn’t a common problem lol

Did you dry it or just wash it? I don’t have an answer for you but I do feel your pain. I’ve routinely vacuumed out my dryer after leaving cans of dip on my work pants lol

I would think it would be fine because the vials are air proof, which is better than water proof. Water with detergent in it will penetrate better than just water because the surface tension is lower with detergent, but if I were to bet I would think you are okay.

With it being oil base could you let it sit overnight and check for oil/water separation?


Yep, that is a good idea. Also if there are big needle holes, I would be more concerned.

My concern is that there are some visible needle holes, but I don’t see any liquid inside that is not the oil itself. It doesn’t seem like anything entered the vial. Say a tiny bit of water/soap entered (too small to be noticeable) and I inject it (intramuscularly), could that possibly cause any major physical harm?

Most AAS users have heavy metals in their body from UGL gear. I wouldn’t worry about detergent