Are DHT-Blocking Shampoos Safe?

Decided to post this in a separate thread.

I know DHT blocking alopecia drugs should be avoided. But what about DHT blocking shampoos? Are they safe? Do they work locally or systemically?

If they still must be avoided, then what kind of topical shampoos are recommended for thinning hair?

I’m 42 of that matters.

Not sure you’re going to get the answers you’re looking for in a testosterone replacement forum other than anecdotal stuff. Check out YouTube MorePlatesMoreDates. Derek has a TON of info on hair loss and restoration. Good luck.

Still, must be ways people dealing with it here on this forum. Anybody mind sharing theirs?

I dont think its good to block any hormone. My close friend is now on TRT and he was using DHT blocking shampoos before he began to have anxiety, and libido issues. TRT alongside a DHT blocker is perhaps less harmful but, I wouldnt risk it.

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I use 2% Nizoral for years, and it’s worked really well for me. It’s thought to work through mild androgen receptor binding and/or disruption of the DHT pathway. The research isn’t 100% clear, but it’s clear that it’s effective for a lot of people.

I’ve had no side effects to speak of. Looking at the pharmacokinetics section of the following link, it appears systemic absorption from topical application is extremely minimal or non-existent

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Could you please post a link to the actual product in the US? Preferably on Amazon?

Every time I look at Nizoral on Amazon, its advertised as anti dandruff, and reviewers confirm it. Is it with Ketoconazole or without? Looks like ketoconazole either blocks DHT or substitutes DHT in the follicles DHT receptors.

Just google 2% Ketoconazole shampoo, that’s all it is.