Are Bodybuilding DVDs Getting Better?

From some of the trailers I’ve seen, I do!

I’m not talking about my own stuff. It seems like there are some really talented filmmakers getting into making bodybuilding DVDs and that the quality has been steadily increasing

You all agree?

What do you like about the new DVDs?

What don’t you like?

What would you like to see in the future?

Answers to these questions are like market research for me. It helps to know what the audience is interested in as I go forward with my new projects.

I seen the latest branch warren video this weekend. Cept the fact it was black and white it was good. The man was at war.

While I respect Dorian’s blood and guts for it’s “hardcoreness” I really like when there is a story involved. The bigger the glimpse into the bodybuilder’s personality the better. In your Kai Green video, my favorite parts were Kai’s reaction to his placing 4th and his speculatory insight into the “rage” Ronnie must have to put 800 pounds on his back.

Watch Cutler’s Jay Cutlers Jay to Z DVD (2007) - Terrible boring

Jay Cutler’s All Access DVD (2008) was GREAT!

Contemplating purchasing his Undisputed DVD

I love the new Kai videos, great work Mike. I guess it just depends on what you wanna watch. If you want to see a nice behind the scenes kind of movie then I would definitely watch the new Kai vids. But if I want to watch a quick scene of some crazy footage to get me pumped to hit the gym, it’s usually Branch or Yates.