Anyone Trying the NExT Arm Experiment?

Did you have a pretty monster Pump by the end?

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I’m off on a vacation Tuesday for over a week and probably won’t train but maybe one day during the 8 day span. I’m going to do this tomorrow (today was a rest day). Then I think I’ll do a fullbody routine Monday and relax. I will post before and after measurements, however, I too will be in a calorie deficit so any gains would be amazing.

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Did you have a pretty monster Pump by the end?

A little but nothing out the ordinary and my arms are not feeling as sore as I thought they might today which is a surprise. My abs were twitching last night and I can feel them this morning, those negative chins really work the core.

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Someone (it might have even been Dr. D) called slow-negative chins one of the best ab exercises ever!

Several times I’ve noted that negative chins are a great ab exercise.

Did you need to drop the load from the preceding hammers?

I found during the regular 30-10-30 that my loads dropped considerably as the workout progressed, especially when super-setting or putting similar movements together.

I suspect when I am doing those tri-sets I will be using those pink plastic DBs for the last movement!

I was pretty Conservative with the weight selection as I wanted to stick to the rule of staying short of failure. So I kept the same weight of 7.5kg for both, it was more of a fighting through the lactic burn struggle than feeling heavy struggle.

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Much appreciated.

Anybody finish the program with good results??

Nobody has gains to post?

Sort of.
I’m still mostly a beginner, been working out 5 months, and I’m 44. Maybe I’m not the ideal test subject. I didn’t follow the workout exactly. I did do all the lifts, I just took more time between workouts and didn’t judge my 30-10-30 weights the best. I also did a neutral grip pullup instead of a true palms facing you chin (something I’ve been doing since I had some shoulder impingement a couple months ago.) I assumed I wouldn’t be able to do the Boyer lifts, even if that was first. So after I did my dips and chins, I rested for about 5 minutes. Then, surprisingly, I made it 45 seconds on the dip and the full 60 on the chipup.

Now, my flexed arm measurements are the same as they were a couple weeks ago. No growth. However, I did just notice, my unflexed measurement is nearly identical to my flexed measurement. Within about 1/8" of each other. There has always been about 1/2" difference. It’s like flexing just moves the muscle around, so the arm is narrower and taller when flexed, but the same size. Perhaps the flexed size catches up next week?

I will add, after the Boyer dip/chin, you will have the greatest pump ever.

I may try it Thursday, but to do it I need to get there at the gym at 5. Too many people don’t understand a towel marker, etc.

Going on vacation in two weeks, planning on making it my last workout before a 5 day break.

Did the workout today. Took the day off yesterday and on vacation till Tuesday. I’ll get a light workout in on Sunday. Not sure how it I’ll turn out but amazing pump and really difficult to complete. My arms were fried by the end. Not just tired but a deep internal weakness. Lol
still wondering if anybody reported permanent measurement increases??


Completed it last Thursday. As of today I’d say maybe an 1/8 inch gain. I also think the 5 day break helped.

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