Anyone posting their results?

Hey guys, I wanted to make a site over the holidays showing my progress over the next four months or so. It would have pics, the supplements I took, exercise plan etc… The typical stuff. I’d like to know if anyone else has been posting their results. If you have, I’d like to check it out. To give me ideals on page layouts etc… I’m a bit of a geek and would like to do mine in flash, or at least using alot of scripts… Anyways… I’ll keep you guys posted when it goes up :slight_smile: Thanks

Roman, I think that is a great idea. I often wonder what my fellow T-maggers look like. I don’t have a web page, just recently got my own computer and hope to put a page together. I have checked out Nate Dogg’s site and it was great. There have been a few others that have posted their addresses. I wonder if there is someway that the users of this forum could put together an index of our personal website/pages? Just a thought. Herc

I know most people talk a big game… But come on… Not one link? lol. I could hear some of you guys typing up a storm saying that you work out, eat right and take supplements ONLY for yourselves… PUH LEASE. Not even a microscopic part of you is proud of your results and wants to share with others?

I’ll most likely be posting new pics once I’m done using a few cycles of MAG-10. I’m having computer problems at home and haven’t had time to fix them or work on my web site. I’m a little relunctant to post new pics in the future because I’ve decided to let my body hair grow back, and when I take new pics, I probably wouldn’t look much different because the hair would cover me up! LOL! We’ll see.

you can see my very basic site with all my progress at

More pic will come at the end of december .
I want see pic t-men !

Have nice day !


I’ve got some older shots of me…from 1998 to 2000. go to, enter “professor” for the login, and “body” for the password. click on the bodyshots album, then click “run slideshow” or just click the pics themselves for a bigger size. Sorry for all the hoops to jump through… I may get some new ones done, although i’m recovering from a dislocated shoulder and am not looking my best right now (we all have excuses, eh?). anyhow, check out the pics and let me know what you think!

Could you tell what was your weight and body fat on the first pic ?
You really look good man !
I want a shape like this hehe !

Awesome pic guys… thanks for sharing!!! You guys look sharp.

Great work Cam! Keep it up.

thanks a lot for the great comments, guys, it’s always good to get some more motivation from my fellow T-Brothers…for BypO, I was right on 175 pounds and 6.3% bodyfat when the best pics were taken. I actually went from just over 11% to 6.3% in three months, which I was pretty happy with. Your pics are good too - big size increases, and it looks like you’re improving steadily…good work!
Hey, Roman, when are your pics coming up?

What’s nate dogg’s site? I’d like to put a picture to the name I see so often on the forum. I won’t be posting though, because by common standards I’m a fat-ass at about 12% bf. I don’t feel good leaner than about 10 and I get really weak, so I prefer a little bulk at the cost of only having a blurry four pack. Not an excuse, just the truth.

Gary, you can check out my web site here: