Anyone Having Heart Issues On-Cycle After the Vaccine?

I’d imagine many of us still are IF you go down to very rural Aus. Hard not to toughen up when virtually everything in nature is consistently trying to kill you :slight_smile:

I once read a book where the biodiversity of Australia before humans arrived was described. It seems this is based on reciprocity. But such a cool continent regarding its nature.

A large portion of Aus is borderline inhabitable. The desert is dry and hot, but temperature fluctuations can be so extreme a warm day will shoot down to at or below freezing at night.

The sunrays are like… A magnet for skin cancer (look up skin cancer rates here), the wildlife is dangerous. Best sticking to the cities, semi rural and rural Australia. Few dare venture straight into the outback… Those who do don’t always make it back (if car breaks down… You’re done for).

For me it is Steve Irwin a modern day Jacques Cousteau.
Dundee was a bit over the top more like a live action cartoon character. Loved his movies.

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I spent 6 weeks there a few years ago. The sun really does hit different lol. I’d go on a walk for 30 min and be red

Just saw some studies regarding covid and TRT as we’ll as hormones which I haven’t read before.

More severe Covid-19 in men is associated with lower testosterone and higher estradiol.

In women, more severe covid is associated with higher estrogens.

It seems, that it is the reverse case of what I said regarding estradiol. But, we have to be careful drawing conclusions here. These are just associations. @unreal24278 cited a study which showed the opposite for example.

8 days after 2nd vaccine and still alive, no heart issues or anything :smiley: