Any Canadians out there have any trouble getting Mag10?

Just wanted to know if any fellow Canucks out there had order and received their Mag10. I wanna order some but am not sure if it would have trouble getting across. Or if anyone knows any places around Hamilton that may carry it or any other Biotest stuff. Thanks in advance.

Hey, I’m in the same boat as you, and live in the same area.

I’m trying to locate it myself and find out about getting it accross.

I live in Toronto and just got my Fedex note that there is a package waiting for me so I guess it got through customs.

Im 20 minutes east of Toronto and received mine last Friday no problem except for fedex shipping charges.Pricey.

I’m from Calgary and mines stuck in customs and it may be staying there!!! They are letting me know today - I may use a friends address in AZ and have him mail it to me. T-staff did tell me it was getting across every province but Alberta.

Just wanted to know if Fed Ex is the best bet in getting Mag-10 into Ontario and what a three bottle order ended up costing you guys in CAN $ including shipping. Thanks

sounds like I’m gonna be making an order soon.
Where you guys order from, biotest’s site?



3bottles = $360 Canadian total - fucking canadian dollar.

Hey guys thanks for the feedback. I think I am gonna take my chances and order some from the web site. Its gonna hurt the VISA but I have to try this stuff.

I am not sure about you guys, but my last shipment from Biotest got nailed with an $80 customs charge. Is this normal, or did I get screwed?

As for the MAG-10, being an American living in Quebec (not the real Canada), I figured I would be better off having it mailed to my brother’s house, and picking it up over Christmas. Now I just want my MAG-10!!