Another Sad Soul Dealing with Libido Issues. Next Steps?

Last Blood Test:

Total T = 1139 (264 ~ 916)
Free T = 26.8 (7.2 ~ 24)
Estradiol Sensitive = 34.9 (8 ~ 35)
SHBG 40.4 (19.3 ~ 76.4)
DHEA = 297 (71.6 ~ 375.4)
Prolactin = 13.8 (4 ~ 15.2)
TSH = 1.660 (0.450 ~ 4.5)
Dihydrotestosterone 125 (30 ~ 85)

I am 51, 6’-0, 180lb, athletic / semi muscular build. Sleep is now descent and live on a relatively healthy diet. Wine almost nightly and I do drink on the weekends at night… no drug use or addictions. Finastride 10 years prior. I also exercise 5 days a week and are very active.

Current protocol is 160 Test Cyp weekly split in two injections, and 15mg DHEA no Ai

After being on the above protocol for 8 months libido was maybe a 6/10 with swings a point up or down. I added HCG (800 per week in two doses) right before my divorce in October and now with a new GF my libido has largely disappeared. I know a lot of my libido may is psychological, but that does not help my frustration. Cialis and Viagra barely help. also sensitivity is the other issue, if I manage to get things doing, I find myself tapping out after running out of steam…

I stopped the HCG about 5~6 weeks ago and have seen marginal improvement, which may have more to do with me becoming more comfortable with my new GF (again psychological). Seeing her get frustrated is the other mind - f , I am dealing with.

I never did blood tests while on HCG, but I did get occasional outbreaks of acne on my shoulders, and other than that did not feel much of anything positive or negative.

I was on pellets years prior and did better in the high range of free t.

I am super frustrated because I am not having al the fun in the dick department that I should be having.!!

Should I:
Be patient and wait another couple weeks?
Increase my T to 180/ @ 2shots wk?
lower my dose to 140/ @ 2 shots wk?
Try weekly injections?
Try EOD Injections?
Try HCG again?
Try a little AI?
Go to a shrink?
Put my dick into retirement?

I know there is going to be a ton of opinions, but if someone has been through this scenario before, you know how troubling this is , so please chime in, if you found your fix.

p.s. morning erections are pretty good, but if she rides the pony too long and I don’t go, i loose the erection and go to work pissed off at myself!

i can’t speak for TRT, as myself started 2 months ago at 120mg cyp/week + 800iu HCG / week and my libido is good.
as you can imagine though, there is about a million things going into libido. you did not mention your age? here is my recommendations:
a) get married - sex improves in marriage, this simply has to do with the stability of a relationship, you mentioned comfort around your GF…
b) try a low carb/keto/carnivore diet
c) try add supplements, i’d try red maca powder, l-arginine, Boron 10mg/day etc…they ramp it up for me even for TRT (and before TRT)
good luck

I can only speak for my self but libido has been awesome on 200mg a week for most of the time.
Meaby changing your manufacturer might help

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“get married”! LOL, I just got divorced, not quite ready yet. I started MACA pills and arginine 10 days ago… waiting… RE: age, yeah I know I cant change it, but TRT is supposed to be a workaround! Thanks for the suggestions!

I use Empower which is what my provider prescribes. I have friends on the same and they claim to be doing ok. So you are at 200… how high is your free T? I am timid on going outside the ranges too much and I already am a little… Also, are you on HCG and / or Ai?

Could be your E2 is low in comparison with your TT.

Ratio may be more favorable with it higher (the E2).

This stands out, as everything else looks fine (e2 looks low compared to TT tho, I’d address that next).

My PRL was slightly out of range and I started taking 100mg of P5P daily, dropped it to 7 (using your same ranges). I did notice a bump in libido as a result.

Thanks! Wouldn’t adding HCG help raise the e2? What is the optimal Ratio I should be hoping for?

PRL? I assume that is Prolactin? I would be more than happy to try P5P… any brands you found to work well?

SHBG is on the higher end too. It should lower as you continue on your TRT journey. I say step up the dose to 200mg/wk and do EOD shots to help lower SHBG. Even if hypothetically you had TT of 10,000 it wouldnt make much of a difference if its bound. Mentally you’re not ready to bang like you had hoped. Im going to tell you that getting out of a marriage and moving in with a gf is not the smartest thing for a man to do. You have to have options. You have to be a man of value. Your focus is on making someone else happy, fuck that. Get your own place and have them come to you or you can go to them. Recharge, and do it again. Hit the weights, get hotter and slowly things will get better. Currently you’re running the same program you had with the ex. Stop it and rewrite it by being on your own first.

What is your E2 at this level?

Never learned how to use your tongue? If she has not climaxed at least 3 times before you decide to penetrate her with your dick you just don’t know what you are doing. Maybe spend sometime on tube8? This may not be hormone related at all.

Estradiol Sensitive = 34.9 (8 ~ 35)

RE: pleasing her… this is not an issue in the least… she is well taken care of. Her frustration is dealing with a guy with ed issues that makes her insecure… And she wants the d.

Getting out of the marriage was not spurred by me. Wife decided she wants kids no matter what… she is 48 I am 51, fertility drugs f’d her head up and I said no to IVF…

Re going to 200. I know the goal is to treat the symptoms not the numbers. That said, I was hoping to keep my levels only a bit higher that the high range, which I currently am. I have no idea how much higher the free T level of the 200 crew are… Maybe I should move to 180 first?

My pre TRT SHBG was 66.1 (19.3 ~ 76.4)
Pre TRT prolactin: 7.6 (4.0 ~ 15.2)

I haven’t test free t but normal T was 1400 no hcg or AI.
If you are on SSRIs they are know to cause loss of sensitivity in the penis or numb dick and loss of libido along whit emotional numbness.
Serotonin seems like a numbness neurotransmitter, that’s why SSRIs are used for neuropathic pain, numbs the pain, along whit your emotions and sexuality

Thanks for the input. No SSRI’s at all for me. Reading into Prolactin more, the symptoms fit. Did not think that mine was that high though. Maybe it kept up since my last bloods.

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Yep, you’re stll dealing with exwife issues. This can screw things up. Oh and I know all about fertility stuff and an older woman wanting to have kids. I went through it and ended up with 50k in the gutter. This was all preTRT. Then the divorce talk started and things went south for a few months. The stress, the drinking, the cortisol, the low T, all gave me ED too. I also refused to take ED meds. Then I gave up the fight. Started daily Cialis, then TRT, got out of my head and started doing things for me. Then the blowjobs came back and the fucking started. Baby talk was out of the question at this point.

Anyway, are you taking Cialis daily? And you should start supplementing with Nitric Oxide supplements. This is what gives you the mechanical action to get hard. Take control of the situation by making her make you happy. Bottomline is you shouldnt be living with another woman months after your divorce. You should be getting blowjobs from random women you meet, you should be sexting with the gf, and making her drive to fuck you. Then send her ass home like a boss. Insecurities belong to you, not her. Her frustration is a reflection of your frustration. Way too much talk about the girlfriends needs and not much about you. You’re in her world, she should be in yours.

this will go in one in and out the other but you want something to fix your dick. I know… its not easy. Gotta change things up, and eat more watermelon along with some of the rind. Google it before you start thinking that Im fucking with you.


It depends on the woman bro. I eat pussy better than anyone and i can tell you, it depends on way way way more than just “skill”.

Yep! I agree with a large portion of this for sure.!! That said, Libido has only been a 6/10 even during the better times on TRT… Anything helps… BTW, I heard about the watermelon rind before, just never gave it a go, but if it works, that would explain another one of life’s mysteries!

It was just a suggestion not a one size fits all.

With such high SHBG you’re going to have to run test higher than others to keep FT high enough to feel good