Another Meltdown Question for jman

Hello jman…I was wondering if you could answer a question for me on Meltdown. I am about to begin this program on Monday. I plan on following to the letter. The only thing is that I play indoor soccer once a week (2-24 min. halves, and I’m probably on the field for approx 30 min. of that time). Should I be making any modifications to diet/training is this is obviously an intense form of cardio? Right now I’m 163@ 7 percent b.f. (Lange calipers, 3-site…probably a bit of a margin of error) at a height of 5’7" and a 29.5 inch waist. I’ve been doing Berardi’s Don’t Diet the last eight weeks with cals @ 2400 with a 30/40/30 ratio. I will likely use around 12xbw for calories which would put me at 2,000. Goal is to achieve the heralded 5 mm. ab skinfold (only 4 mm. away) and get the waist down to 28 or so. Also using MD6, Udo’s, fish oils, glutamine, zma…basically everything that’s recommended. Since I’m already pretty low in cals and have pretty low fat levels, should I go down from 2,400 to 2,000 or should I maybe hit it gradually, like 2,200 for a couple weeks then down to 2,000? I’m also planning on using Surge post-workout (50 g. carb, 25 g. pro) unless you really think that the protein/glutamine only will make an immense difference. Thanks for your help!