Anna's Training Log Part 2 (Part 2)

Oh yeah, I wasn’t intending it to be prescriptive, just fascinating. Especially the bit about inflammation from hard training resulting in weight gain. I know I have fallen for the trap of training hard to lose weight just to see the scale go up forcing me to think I need to train HARDER to make it go down. Bodies are stupid

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Week 9: Day 7 (Sunday)

I’m not going to do 2 a days anymore. It’s a lot of mental pressure

40min kickboxing and abs workout video

Week 10: Day 1

Deadlift: 2x3-175lbs, was suposed to be 2x5 but couldn’t lock out… shite sucks
Squat: 1xx1-195lbs, 1x5-175, 165
leg extensions: 1x10-100lbs, 1x8-105lbs
abductor machine: 2x10-135lbs
adductor machine: 1x20-55lbs, 1x8-60lbs

  • didn’t feel too tired but didn’t have power… wasn’t too bad. Coach and @whang gave some good tips for the deadlift. Going to try them tomorrow

Week 10: Day 2

40min cardio and abs workout video

  • didn’t feel like lifting. might go in the afternoon if I’m up to it. Maybe could have not been so mentally weak, but I’m embracing the flexibility while I have it

@Brant_Drake do you have a good recipe for chicken skin tuile? I’m thinking about using it as a top for my red braised chicken pie dish instead of sealing with dough

I’d make an open pastry case, fill with shredded meat, top with tuile and have sauce and pickled onions on the side

I’m also at a loss for what to do about another dish in the menu.
The current plan is to do confit chicken bonbons “breaded” in puffed rice and served with a chive and garlic mayo. It would be paired with an actual rice ball. This is the course preceding the pie.
I’m not sure how I can creatively plate this. I was thinking it would be cute to serve it like a cake pop, but then I’d have to buy lollipop sticks + mini cupcake liners
I also feel like it’s missing something

The “close to final draft” of the menu is:

  1. “liver and cigarettes”: dark chocolate coated confit chicken liver, ginger tuile filled with goat cheese that is lightly sweetened with honey. I’m going to see if it’s possible to brulee with a lighter. The tuile is going to look somewhat uneven, like a handrolled cigarette Diners (mum, aunt, uncle, cousin) will eat this in living room
  2. “Beer and snacks” (actually cream of chicken soup): fried chicken milk jelly cubes served with consomme poured into a glass from beer bottle. Also served in living room
  3. Sprouts: pea sprouts “planted” in edamame hummus and topped with edible soil made from dehydrated olives. served a paper coffee cup that’s been cut down. I’m going to place these on the counter for diners to pick up as they walk to dining room
  4. palate cleanser: crushed ice with plum sake syrum
  5. the confit chicken bon bons… serving tbd
  6. Takeaway chicken pie: red braised chicken drumsticks in a hot water pastry crust shell topped with chicken skin tuile, garnish with spring onion with extra sauce and pickled onions on the side. Serve in plastic takeout container
  7. Build your own napoleon: ginger tuile, raspberries filled with raspberry jam, honey sweetened goat cheese, raspberry syrup. I’m going to have the components presented separately and let the diners have at it
  8. Tea with mini mint merengues: we always end formal meals with “tea course”

Basically, I’m making light of the lack of nice plating and my lack of presentation skills

Take skin, cut it into the shape you want while leaving room for shrinkage, season with salt, baking soda, and let it do it’s thing over night on a sheet tray.

Deep-fry until golden drown, or air-fry them when you’re ready, 400f-ish for about 20 minutes. I’d rotate them halfway through just to check, maybe give them a few more minutes if they need it, then transfer to a cooling rack on a sheet tray to crisp up.

To make the circular shape. You could use a tulie mold, a knife steel, or even a mini-cord of chopsticks (you can use bamboo, but I’d go with metal.) Those Koreans are sensitive about their chopsticks.

This is the biggest part of the industry that is a vacuum since it changes so quickly. It’s all made up so you have no guide. I would love to read a book about plating techniques. I just learned through that wonderful mixture of abuse and creativity and excessive reading.

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Week 10: day 3 (yesterday)

Paused deadlift: 3x3-255lbs
Front squats: 2x24-95lbs
Good mornings: 2x8-115lbs
Btn press: 2x12-20kg

PM work
Paused squat: 3x5-165lbs
front squats: 2x8-115lbs
Press: 2x5-75lbs

  • trying the technique tweaks so deadlifts felt harder, not too surprised but somewhat deflated, rest of it was fine, squats were nice and stable
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Week 10: day 5

Everything sore, esp back, all main lifts are done so just did cardio

45 min kick-boxing and core workout video

  • felt good and got HR up
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Week 10: day 6

50x(10 push-ups, done EMOM)

Repeat AM

  • decided to do some upper body work but didn’t feel like going to gym.

I’ve been consistently up 1lb from a month ago (when calories increased)

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Week 10: day 7 (yesterday)

Deadlift (form practice): 1x3-235, 245, 255, 1x2-265
Front squat: 3x8-115lbs
Lunges: 2x20(total)-95, 105, 1x16-115lbs
Cable row: 2x10-85lbs, 1x6-100lbs
Abductor machine: 3x12-125lbs

  • didn’t plan on lifting but overindulged- digesting was the limiting factor on the deadlifts, getting used to form changes, rest of it was fine
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That sounds miserable—nice work!

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Week 11: Day 1 (yesterday)

40min cardio workout video

  • got HR up and felt good

Week 11: Day 2

Was going to do squats, did not happen. My back, glutes and hamstrings were sore to the point of keeping me up last night. Was slightly better by morning but still not feeling good enough to squat. This week is a “bridge” week anyways. Going to email coach.

Leg extensions: 8x8-70lbs done EMOM; 4x6 75lbs w/ 5sec eccentric, ever 2 min; 4x5-85lbs w/ 5sec eccentric, every 2 min
Abductor machine: 5x9-110lbs done EMOM
Adductor machine: 5x8-55lbs, done EMOM
Cable rows: 10x3-100lbs, done EMOM
Tricep pushdowns: 3x16-25lbs, done EMOM

  • got good burn everywhere, actually got HR up a bit, felt good

I’m going to be honest and say that this is more gut feeling than me going through your log in detail, but this seems to be something that you experience fairly often. By something I mean general feelings of soreness, beat up, a day training feels tough, etc. To me this screams overtraining or lack of recovery. If this in fact is the case, it explains quite a bit of your frustrations on slow or lack of progress. I also don’t get the feeling your coach is helping in this regard either. I could be totally off base here, but that’s a general impression I get from reading your log. It’s frustrating to see somebody that’s obviously willing to put in the work, but not getting results, so this is why I’m throwing this out there.


She has gained one pound in the last month - make sense?

Week 11: Day 3

8x(3min rope pull+100 jumping jacks+1min rest)
10 min core work

  • got HR up and felt good

I seem to be holding water, woke up at 105lbs (up 2lbs from my “steady” low of 103, 1lbs above where I’ve been for the past two weeks) despite being adherent and having a low calorie day on monday. Midsection noticeably softer

PhD seems to really wear on one’s sanity. My accounting friend seems to believe that I am “good luck” and wants me to come to the office more often. When I started laughing, he said “all this maths and stats aren’t making much sense, might as well turn to superstition” :rofl:

On the flip side, I think I am somehow bad luck for collaborators. I’ve worked on 6 “real” projects since getting into research in undergrad, there hasn’t been one where a collaborator or one of my advisors haven’t run into major issues (e.g., serious medical condition, lawsuit, death)

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@Andrewgen_Receptors to avoid clogging up Dani’s log.

You seem to believe that men are inherently more capable than women to take important positions and make important decisions.

My argument is that neither men nor women should be taught to take that as given.

I agree that a ship cannot have two captains, but why can’t the woman be the captain or just opt out of family?

They are, on a bell curve.
It should go without saying that it’s not [all men]>[all women]

Right. They shouldn’t.
A man who is incapable of leading - should not be leading a woman by virtue of being a man. Incompetence is Incompetence.

He needs to earn it; it’s not freely given.

I never said a woman cant be the captain, I said they often make worse captains. Again, generally speaking.
I also believe that women inherently dont want the responsibility of leading… otherwise you’d see more of them leading.

If a woman doesnt want a family - she shouldnt have one. I don’t think anything I’ve said should have come across counter to that.

This isnt a men>women argument. We are both necessary, but for different roles.

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