Androgel Use Update

I’ve been using Androgel 5g/day for the past month. I had my doctor perscribe it for my low testosterone “problems”. I just weighed in and found out that I gained 5 lbs. Not bad considering that I could only do lower body workouts while recovering from an arm injury. If anyone has an opportunity to use Androgel (see Cy Wilson article in issue #128 for tips) I’d highly recommend it. I’ve convinced my doctor to up my dosage to 10g/day for the next month because 5g just didn’t seem to be curing my “problems”, so hopefully the gains will continue. I’d be interested to hear results from anyone else who is using Androgel.

I’ve used Androgel at up to 15 grams per day and it worked rather well. I can’t remember exactly how much I gained, but I know it was at least 5-7 pounds. Still, I began using “other” things shorty after starting therapy at that time, so just how much the Androgel was responsible for is hard to say.
Something cool that I just dug out of the old filing cabinet are the results of my blood tests two days after I stopped using Androgel @ 10 grams/day along with Androsol. Total Testosterone was 4,298 ng/dl and Free was 1,659 pg/ml. My doc copied the results and wrote, "Cy your recent testosterone level returned quite high. I am going to ask that you reduce your dosage by 50%. I just thought that was funny. As a side note, I’ve noticed that Androgel combined with Androsol has a MUCH better effect on my sex drive than injections at any dosage, using any T ester.

Thanks Cy. I haven’t tried using the Androgel and Androsol at the same time. Once my arm heals and I can get back to normal workouts I think I’ll give it a try. I’ll be sure to post my results.