And you thought Ronnie was huge!

I know most here dont follow Pro bodybuilding but I thought this might intrest some.

Rhul is catching up fast with Ronnie check this out!


wow. that is freaking weird. bodybuilding is a strange activity.
and check out that woman spotting him; i wouldn’t mind arms and shoulders like that.

Ruhl will never win a MR. O granted yes he’s BIG and FREAKY looking but his physique is also blocky. I don’t think he’ll even get to the top 10. He reminds me of Paul Dillet(sp?). By the way Ruhl never placed top 5 in the Olypmia yet. And he has been around for a while also. I think I went to the NOC 2 years ago and saw him he placed 2nd or third and there weren’t top bodybuilders in that show.

Although, I do believe he’s a crowd pleaser and bodybuilding fan’s think he gets rob of his placing all the time. Because he is big and freaky looking but he has no shape to his body its too blocky.

Yep here you go
I think it is his wife.

It’s unfortunate that the sport that epitomizes health has one of its ambassadors doing something as unhealthy as smoking…
The sport will never be the same.:slight_smile:

After watching Pumping Iron for the first time a few days ago, I’ve realized that bodybuilders from that period were much more impressive looking. Nice and symmetrical, unlike this goon who is a giant ball of muscles with no symmetry…

Dude, that’s not his wife. It is now his husband.

She’s just gross: she’s like the anti-T-Vixen.

And before you flame me and tell me that there are women out there who are bigger and freakier, let it be known that I don’t want to see them.

Dan “I will now stop checking this thread” McVicker

so what’s the name of the guy on the right? (in the picture above)

The guy is big.
That is all.

I wonder what their juice bill is every year?

I actually saw these two at the powerhouse gym in Columbus the day after the Arnold last year and got a picture of my ex wife with both of them. I believe she is his girlfriend and she is a monster. My ex was a pretty muscular 130lbs at the time, and this woman dwarfed her and was pretty close to competition shape. She’s quite tall as well, and I don’t think it would have been an exageration to estimate that she weighed at least a buck eighty if not 2 bills.

Here’s a couple pics of the ex (Jackie) with Ruhl and his chick

You know, I miss back in the day when body builders were just strong gymnasts who did hand stand ups…

Funny statement coming from a twenty year old, eh?

Fat Panda,

You and me both kid! I also think some women get a bit carried away. Such as the first photo on this thread. Instead of trying to look more feminine some try to look like men. YUCK!

Anyone ever seen the book of women bodybuilders entitled “Amazons” (I think)? I saw it at Barnes and Noble and I thumbed through it. Disgusting…like a train wreck, though…you have to look 'cause it’s so damn freaky!


I know. The sad part is, they think they look good! Ha.

if i saw a man in my gym wearing nothing but those gay shorts id drop a plate on his dome!