Alright I just got about 500mg of Anavar (for $140, good price?) and I was wondering if there are any reccommendations as to how to use it. I was thinking 20mg a day, that means I could be on for 25 days. Does that sound like a good plan? I am 145lbs , around 9% BF . And yes I realize that I will not gain much mass with it. The reason I’m trying it out is that I’m 23, have been lifitng religiously since I was around 13, and I still look really soft. It sucks, I diet like crazy every once in a while, have been down to 7% BF, but I still look like a little kid (soft); hopefully Anavar can harden me up. I was also thinking of going straight into a two week Androsol cycle right before, or right after the Anavar. Can anyone give me any sugestions as to how to go about this? Or has my plan pretty much covered it? Also, can I expect to ‘harden’ with Anavar, and will the effects last after I discontinue using it?

I’d suggest using the Anavar at the same time as the Androsol cycle, or, second choice giving less results,
using it mornings-only (20 mg on arising) while not
using anything else.

Oxandrolone, while doing little by itself (I have even
used 150 mg/day) adds a lot of kick to Dianabol or
Anadrol so I suspect it would add a lot of kick to
Androsol as well at high doses (like 75 mg) and still
a reasonable amount of added gains at 20 mg.

The price paid is maybe okay for the tablets but if
anyone is serious about using oxandrolone they
should use powder… about 1/3 the price per gram
compared to what you paid ($100/gram vs $280/gram.)

Alright, cool. So in your opinion it really doesn’t do too much by itself.

Powder, man, I have never seen powder anywhere, I’ve seen Winstrol, Dball, durabolin, and anadrol, but never Oxandrolone; I will truly have to look for it.
Thanks for the info

The price you paid is quite a bargain compared to what I’ve seen recently (SoCal area).

I ought to clarify what I meant by “does little by itself.”

Compared to a supplement, moderate oxandrolone use will do
a lot for you.

Compared to a good steroid stack it does little, only
a fraction of the gains.