Anavar - Tired of Confusion

[quote]Orren wrote:
Hey guys, I’ll try to make this brief, as I would like some legitimate answers to a few things. I’ll get this part out of the way quick (Age: 35 - Height 5’9" - Weight 196). So basically I’m thinking of doing a cycle of Var and only Var as I want to drop fat and cut up. The problem is everywhere I go, I see a lot of people saying “You don’t want to do var without Test, you need Test, do it with Test or it’s a waste.” Here’s my frustration. I already have a decent frame from past years of working out, I don’t need bulk up and don’t want to put on big massive gains. A little gain is fine, but again, I want to trim and cut. While I do see some people say it’s fine, I just want to clarify, are the people who are saying “Test Test Test” just those who are obsessed with gains and are just pushing their own agenda? Is running Var solo for 6 weeks fine, like I’ve seen others suggest that it is?

Next, PCT. I know that Var is a milder steroid, but it still requires a little PCT after the fact. This too is confusing. I see people say get Nolva, I see people say get Clomid, then I see people say get and use both. For a mild anabolic, why would I need two SERMS? What’s the real answer here, I know that both are well suited for the job, but is this another “personal” choice or is there really a better one to use? Why would anyone use both, if one is suitable for PCT?

So here’s my plan, I’m looking to cut another 20lbs, with diet, cardio and weights. I’m already taking fish oil and HaloTropin (Test Booster) and IsoPure Protein (x3) daily. My calorie intake is already down to 1550 a day, as I’m trying to shed the fat. Would a 60mg of liquid Var a day, for 6 weeks be enough to hit my goal of 20lbs or at least reduce my body fat (stomach, sides and neck) and add hard, lean, and cut muscle? Also, what is the best solution for PCT afterwards? I was thinking liquid Clomid at 50/50/50/50. Also, thoughts on Milk Thistle for the liver, since again, Var isn’t as potent as say Test, would milk thistle be enough to combat any liver issues?

Thanks fellas, I appreciate the help and clarification.


well, nobody here really has their own agenda, other than giving advice that they feel is correct, or safe.

testosterone is suggested, because it works. it is also extremely predicable in the results it gives, due to the fact that it’s a normal hormone in the body. pretty much every other steroid/androgen (including anavar) is a modified version. while many of them work well, there are occasional issues that develop… for instance, while anavar and other DHT-derivatives have cool features, they do not aromatise. this means that while you take them, you will have low levels of estrogen in the body, which can lead to some side effects… obviously, a short cycle will mitigate that, but again, low estrogen hurts for some folks (imagine your joints feeling like sand paper, and that’s what i mean…). <the collagen building effects of anavar appear to prevent joint issues, but that’s not the case with things like Winstrol, etc.

pretty much all androgens will help you lose bodyfat, testosterone, included. the difference here, is that you’ll gain more muscle with testosterone than you will with anavar… and neither one is gonna burn 20 lbs of fat off you.

another issue with oral androgens, is that they all require the liver to process them. again, 6 weeks of anavar isn’t likely to cause you significant problems, but testosterone will cause no liver issues, as it doesn’t need to get processed there.

as far as PCT, i never suggest multiple SERMs, as i feel that leads to increased side effects. there’s plenty of research that shows 20 mg/day of Nolva or 25 mg/clomid is very effective… there’s no need to bump up the dose.

if you’re looking to solely burn some bodyfat, then i’d suggest looking at things that actually accelerate lipolysis/metabolic rate, like beta-agonists and thyroid hormones.

another suggestion is to get bloodwork (testosterone, estradiol, thyroid, etc). you’re getting to the age where that stuff starts to go down, and you might actually need to medicate for a deficiency. and it’s always a good idea to get bloodwork before any cycle, to establish a baseline of your hormones…

below are a couple links to take a look at: