Anavar for female - week off mid-cycle?

I’m asking for my wife…she is planning on starting a Var cycle, 5mg daily for 6-7 weeks…she has a week long work trip (out of the country) about three weeks in to her planned cycle…If she was to stop the var for 5 days would it have any impact on her gains or leave her feeling shitty while she is away? Thanks in advance

Can’t she just wait until her return to start?

Stopping the var won’t be an issue but is she going to be able to train while away? That may effect her “gaines”.

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She actually planned a cycle knowing there was a week long interrupted work trip in the midst of the cycle?

Or did the work trip come up after the planned cycle?

Delaying the cycle start seems the obvious solution.
What is the urgency that can’t seem to delay for an uninterrupted training cycle?
This makes zero sense to me.


The trip came up after she had planned to do the cycle…we also have a vacation trip planned 4 weeks after her work trip so she is just trying to fit the var in to cut up before vacation…

You don’t need steroids to cut. They are not fat burners You only need them to preserve muscle on a hard cut. What kind of deficit are we taking here?
If she’s insistent I would just use the car for the 4 weeks in between.


If it isn’t worth it to reschedule your vacation, I’d just do as you originally planned and get off the Anavar while out of country.