Anabolic Diet

Anyone have success with the Anabolic Diet for fat loss w/out counting calories. I want to stick with 80%lean ground beef most of the time, sometimes eggs with bacon, and steak tips, etc. when I go out to eat. Also Metamucil and 2 slices light bread for my 30g carb requirement. Gonna eat 5-6x day but don’t want to weigh food, anyone get down to really low bodyfat levels following the diet w/out calorie counting, just want to eat when I’m hungry. It seems Dr. DiPasquali wanted the diet followed this way, saying to eat when hungry and he wanted the diet to be simple. Weekends I’ll eat whatever I want and might drink Sat nights. I’m only 21 and at school so I want to make this diet as simple as possible while getting into really low bf% (around 5-6%). Any feedback or experiences would be appreciated.

Keep in mind that you CAN overeat on the AD and gain fat. In the articles I wrote it sounds like you can’t, but calories do count. Here’s the deal, though. If you’re like most people, you’ll feel very full on this diet. You won’t have any cravings caused by fluctuating blood sugar levels, insulin rushes, etc… So it’s difficult, but not impossible, to overeat on this diet. You will likely really want to eat some carbs, but just save them for your free weekend.

Here’s what I’d do. Count cals and carbs, weigh food and all of that for at least a week or two. This will give you an idea of how much to eat based on your initial progress. Also remember that you’ll lose some water weight immediately. After that, try to lose 1 or 2 pounds a week, max.

Pete, I am unable to open Chris’ reply right now, for some reason, so if I end up telling you the same thing, then figure we’re right! Mauro Di Pisquale has revised his Anabolic Diet with a new, wonderful plan/book called The Metabolic Diet. I just happened to have read the book last week, as I’m writing an article about it for Mind & Muscle Power. Anyways, I highly recommend you buy and read this, it’s clear and easy to understand, and goes into further detail than the Anabolic Diet. However, for your purposes, you sound like you’re on the right track, but getting down into 5-6% bodyfat isn’t all that easy, so be careful with how much you drink on weekends, if you’re really serious about this. Don’t worry about calories, especially if you’re 21, a college student, and probably quite active (are you lean to some extent already?). But don’t cheat the carbs up, 'cause that combined with the additional fat intake will just pack fat onto your bod! Good luck.

If i didnt count my cals i would deffinantly overeat , when on an anabolic diet i eat the same foods every day which this time is cottage cheese and vanilla whey with flax ill eat this 6 -7 times a day .this makes it very simple .

Some people (especially young men) can eat anything, any type of diet (not just Anabolic) and not get fat. But For most this is not true. On the Anabolic Diet, eating “anything you want” on the weekends is a great way to ruin the diet. Don’t eat very much above your maintenance level on the weekends. And you can get fat on the no-carb days as well by eating too much. As Chris said, calories still do count: caloric deficit is still required for fat loss,
and caloric excess can still be expected to cause fat gain.
E.g., we’ve heard about how the Eskimos follow something
pretty much like the Anabolic Diet – as evidence for how
safe it is for the heart – and look how fat some of them
are!! :slight_smile: