Am I the Asshole Thread

Thats where my mom used to hide her vodka. :rofl:


This is one for the chuckle thread, as it actually made me laugh out loud! :laughing:

Just let it go.

If it turns out he really IS an asshole, you’ll know soon enough, and you can fight him for real then.

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I gotta agree. Just let it go.

Lawn issues and making statements are Super important to this guy.

So just ignore him and the sticks like you don’t give a shit. Dude wants to have a fued and win to feel important.

Show him how unimportant he is.

Geez. That sounds so mature. I thought this was a thred about being an asshole. I feel bad now.

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Honestly, I thought that approach was taken from the youth.

All the girls pretended I didn’t exist back in high school.

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Something to think about. There’s a video on YouTube about this story. The 911 call will stick with you for a while. At the beginning stages of the feud, the deceased couple went to a lawyer who told them they should move. He knew how these disputes tend to end.

Some tips.

Weed-killer, his entire lawn!

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Did you check to see if his wife will have sex with you?


I’ve decided to do the mature thing.

1.) Use the branches for firewood.
2.) Hire an arborist (which I had to do anyway.)
3.) Have sex with his lawn.


I paid a buddy from the mountains to cut down a few trees in my yard last week.

Since then I’ve been sled dragging 5 foot sections of logs around and dumping them on 3 different neighbors’ properties.

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My dad and the neighbor behind us used to fight recreationally over an old paper alley that was between the yards.

Then a couple hours later they’d be down at the bar buying each other beers.

There’s a video on youtube from ActiveSelfProtection that would make your hair stand on end over a snow shoveling dispute.

Seems spendy.

Just go to and they’ll deliver 10-20 yards of wood chips to whatever address you put in for free. No timeline, just one day he’ll have a big pile of wood chips on his driveway/lawn/yard.

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have you tried talking to him?

From my experience this things get out of hand fast because people fail to remember that they can just talk it out. He may be a jerk but you may be a smooth operator capable of making a jerk like you and having him stop with the BS


it is funny that you think this is funny

Wait, so does this make you the asshole?