All for the Pump - Creeping Death 2


Age 35
Weight 100.6kg
Height 6 3
BF Abs have gone MIA after this Sumer of drinking (I’m guessing 15-19%)
I used to play rugby and have loads of minor and a few major injuries, so i do modify things every now and again.
Goals: I want to get bigger! I’ve dropped down and leaned out to 90kg, then tried to clean bulk back up but I’ve never made things work. I’m just going to try and get to 105kg, then lean down to see what’s there.

So after over a year of working out at home, I’ve gone back and joined a gym (a new gym) and am starting the Reactive Pump Hypertrophy workouts in respect of Mr Meadows.

I’ll try not to change too much but i can only train 4 days a week and the gym is small so if something is taken I’ll substitute.


1st Session Monday - Legs

I think i might re-run week 1 just to try and get some of the weights correct. I’ve spent a year working out at home and thus have no idea what i can lift on some of the things in these workouts.

But here we go:

Hamstring curl seated pump
WU then
54kg x 8
54 x 8
54 x 7
47 x7
Supposed to get 25 partials, i got 5 before my hamstrings cramped. I lowered the weight in a drop set manner to get all the reps but ended up on 33kg to finish the set off.

Squats with chains - Got changed to Hack squats with bands - There was a guy doing shrugs in there for ages and i didn’t have time to wait. I havent used a hack squat for years.

40kg x 6
60 x 6
80 x 6
100 x 6
120 x 6
120 x 6

Was starting to loose explosiveness at the end so kept the weight the same.

Leg Press 16 reps of pain. I just used the hack squat at 100kg and did sets of 4 with about 4 breaths in between each set. It was horrid but i kind of enjoyed it.

Leg extensions (2 second hold) 10/15/25 reps
20kg each side x 10 reps
20 x 15
20 x 15 then 7 partials - not sure what to do with the weights on this, where the reps go up do the weights go down?

32kg x 12
32kg x 9

I forgot my wraps and my grip gave way on the second set. I need to gauge where i am better on these.

Calf Seated
20kg x 10 reps 10 second hold, 10 reps, 10 second hold 10 reps
20kg x 10 reps, 10 hold, 8 reps, 10 hold, 4 reps and cramping lol

I finished off with some hanging leg raises. These seems really hard after the session today:

x 8

That’s poor for me.

Good session but i definitely need to get a better understanding of my maxes on some of those machines.

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Diet plan for the day

Wake up shake, 40g protein powder, creatine, C4 pre workout and some digestive enzymes (as I’m lactose intolerant and it helps me digest the whey).

Post workout - 3 eggs, 150g egg whites, 1 piece of brown toast with butter. Followed by 1 cup of oats with raisins and honey.

10am Snack - Shake, 2 scoops (40g protein)

12:30 lunch - 2 chicken breasts (medium ones), and salad

Snack 2:30 - 2 cans of tuna

Dinner 5:30 - chicken breast, roast potatoes and loads of veg

I feel like i should eat again in the evening but i just don’t for some reason. That’s a good lot of food anyhow.


For this program, it’s written to do each week twice, for a total of 12 weeks. Are you thinking to do that or do it once through as a 6 week?


That’s a cool way to do that; I’m going to try it.

Yup. You nailed it. By this point, it’s just can you finish off your quads and get wobbly anyway.

Good first day man! I had a couple things going on that threw me off so, depending what happens this evening, I might be right on track with this week.

I was thinking of just re-running week 1 (so rather than doing it twice, do it three times) but it depends on how the other sessions go. Its been so long since i’ve been in a gym i had no memory at all of what i could hack squat, or leg press etc.

I’ll keep you posted.

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You’ll probably be all right.

I like his programs for that reason: it really doesn’t matter as much if you know what you can do, because they’re written for you to just work up to something tough and then move on

Chest and Shoulders Day

Gym was rammed this morning. Lots of people in groups so i had to re-order things a little. I also ended up changing a few things. Mostly due to my previous neck and shoulder problems.

DB Press nice and smooth
28kg in each hand x 8
30 x 8
32 x 8
34 x 8

All smooth and clean reps.

was supposed to do bench now but the bench was taken for quite a while so did incline instead.

Incline barbell

60kg x 6, 3 sets. Constant tension reps.
I haven’t done incline for years and even though the weight was light, these felt hard to keep the bar straight. Form definitely needs work here.

Lat raises supposed to be seated but couldn’t find room with my long arms so did them standing

9kg DB each hand x 12
x 10
x 9

Then the bench opened up, so smashed out 5x5 with 80kg. Very clean explosive reps. Could have done more weight but kept with it.

Ladder push-ups become chest press drop set. In all honestly i just couldn’t take up the squat rack with push ups, i’d be angry if i saw someone do it so i didn’t want to be that person.

So 2 sets of chest hammer strength press press drop sets, i just went drop the weight rack. Felt a good finisher.

Then OHP. I used a hammer strength machine as i can’t OHP properly with a barbell due to my rubbish shoulder (previous rotator cuff tear and now have really poor mobility).
I srturggled to get teh right weight on this, so did
35kg per side x 5
40 x 5
45 x 5
45 x 5
45 x 5

All very nice and explosive reps.

Then finally finished off with the Rear delts destroyer. I used the reverse fly as that always smashes my rear delts but boy did i get the weight wrong.

33kg x 30 partial reps, i had a quick rest then got about 5 more, then lowered to 21kg, got about 10 more, then to 12kg and did 20 more.

Felt good but my quads are killing me from yesterday.

Diet has been mostly the same with dinner changing to Sausages and new potatoes. I’ve also added a pint of milk and a sandwich before bed as i was starving. This is probably too many carbs so won’t do that every night.

I’ll see where my weight is at the end of this week though.


Do you have aerobic steps? That’s an expedient way to do it too. Start on the floor, then a step, then two steps

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Thursday Back Day.

Was a rubbish session really. The wife was late back from her run so i only had 45 minutes in the gym before it shut and to be honest i was annoyed and a little stressed with work, so the session got anger and short rest periods.

1 arm row - just used a DB for space reasons. I got really nice smooth reps which felt nice, maybe a bit light but felt good.

WU sets
32kg x 8 for 4 sets

Next i did machine row - I know you are supposed to smith machine row but when i bend over like that (insert joke) it flares my back up (previous herniated disc).

40kg each side of the machine x 6 for 3 really explosive sets, then used 45kg for the last set which felt just as good and explosive.

Next was the Pullover @TrainForPain don’t know how you find these but they always get my rear dealt/ tricep insert bit a lot, almost the top of the lat. They are a killer anyhow.

22kg x 10
30kg x10
30 x 8
28 x 10

Couldn’t find a suitable weight.

Next shrugs. 30kg x 12
30kg x 10
30kg x 10

Then a massive guy came over and explained how i was doing them all wrong (like how can you mess up shrugs!) but he was right.
Last set was 20kg x 12 and it felt a million times better. I need to watch when i’m rolling my shoulders in on shrugs.

I don’t deadlift anymore and didn’t have time to work up to it so did 2 sets of reverse hypers for my lower back that felt hard to be honest. Something i might keep in place of deadlifts to work on.

Then the gym shut. Back home for 1 cup of oats, some raisons, a banana and 2 scoops of protein, yum yum!!


Friday’s workout is super unorganised and i’ve really gone of piece with this.

So it the Chest and Shoulders day combined with the arm day.

Machine press,
WU sets
40kg each side x 12
40kg x 12
40kg x8
35kg x 10

I forgot my bands so didn’t do the shoulder work (stupid me).

Then i did flys rather than the dip exercise super setted with reverse flys.
54kg x 10
47 x12
47 x12
47 x 12

Reverse fly
40 x 15
33 x 20
33 x 4
26 x 15 all with partials at the end.

Then i moved on to arms:
Pushdown ss with DB curl
Pushdowns 4 sets of 12-15 reps
DB strict curl (against a wall) 10kg each hand x 12 reps

Then dips SS with BB curls
For some reason i sucked at dips after that chest work
Dips (no weight added which makes these even more pathetic)
x 9

BB curls
15kg BB x 12
25kg BB x 8 (3 sets)

Then decline skull crushers and hammer curls
8kg each side x 15
10 kg ES x 15
12kg es x 12

SS with hammer curls
10kg each side x 15
x 13
x 12

Final thing i did was a heavy set of 4 reps for 4 sets on a cable lat raise with 4 breaths in-between them. I liked this a lot and its very meadows (although not in this day of the programme) but it seemed like it was needed in this day.

1st week done now, feel sore all over still which is a good feeling and i’m smashing my food, so in a couple of weeks i’ll either be bigger with fat or muscle…who knows!!!

Have a good weekend all, think i’ll have a bottle of red tonight.


Good week!

Sometimes I like the dumbbell pullovers and sometimes I don’t feel like it. When I don’t feel like it, I just go to cables.

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Bank holiday Monday this week here in the UK and due to odd opening hours at the gym and my misses being a bit under the weather i’ve moved my leg session to Wednesday.

So Tuesday Chest and Shoulders.

DB Bench
WU sets then
30 x8
32 x8
34 x8
36 x8

All nice and smooth but last set was probably the right weight right now.

Barbell Bench - explosive style.
5 sets of 5 reps at 85kg

I tweaked my left pec on the last set, i think i had the BB at an angle somehow.

Incline BB Press 60kg x 6 (3 sets) constant tension reps. These were really hard after the first two exercises. Chest depleted!

Just when you think chest is done!!! Chest press drop set (instead of ladder push ups). Much prefer this and it worked quite well last week. Started with 20kg each side on the machine, then 15, then 10 then 5kg to finish for 2 sets.

Chest done again lol

Seated Lat raises.
WU, then 3 x sets of 7kg in each hand for 12 reps. Much prefer this seated, had to use a lower weight than standing which probably means better form.

Then OHP machine (i struggle to press with a bar due to my injured shoulder),

5 x5 of explosive reps 45kg each side on the hammer strength machine. Felt really good. My shoulders do feel better when using machines but not sure i always get the best results.

Last thing was the rear dealt destroyer set. I used the rear fly machine and the form is great for me (compared to other things). I started 33kg and didn’t make the 60 reps but did a drop set on these all to failure.

Overall week 2 felt better than week 1. I do think i might need to do a strength cycle at some point as in my year and a bit off the gym i have gained size but lost strength as I’ve not been doing the big lifts.


Legs session this morning. I didn’t sleep well last night, i seem to have too much on my mind at the moment with personal things and work and can’t switch my brain off at night.

Some pre-workout helped start the day though for my 6:00am session.

Ham curls
WU sets, then 4 sets of 54kg x 8
All good constant tension sets. I cramped up on the last set and only got 4 partials. I tried to have a little rest and go again but had to get up and stretch.

Next i did squats. 6 reps all explosive. Not squatted in a loooooong time and to be honest i’m not sure i should squat again with my back. I did
60kg x 6
70 x6
8 x6
90 x6
100 x 6

Last set felt less explosive and i struggled not to shift to the side. I tweaked my back slightly. I much prefer machines for my old dodgy back.

Next thing was the micro sets. I did 110kg for 4 sets of 4 reps with 4 breaths in between. I really struggled on the last set, maybe should have done 105kg instead.

Leg extensions with a 2 second hold.
25kg each side x 10
20 x 11
5 x 20kg then about 8 partials. Legs feeling pumped after this.

34 x 10
34 x 10

RDL felt terrible again, i need to lower the weight to get the 15 reps.

Calves 20kg 10/10/5

then lowered to 10kg and cramp just hit in. I got 10/10/3

Ran out of time, will do abs tomorrow.

Legs feeling blasted!

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Pull workout on Thursday just completed. I slept in this morning so went in the middle of the day on my ‘lunch break’ that i never get normally.

Overall i think pull day is my favourite, partly because there are no chins ups in the programme right now and party because i like the flow of the routine.

1 arm row, nice smooth reps. WU sets then:
4sets x 34kg x 8 reps all smooth and felt good. I’ll increase this again next week.

Machine rows Explosive reps.
45kg per side 4 sets of 6. All good reps, the last set was harder but all explosive.

26kg x 4 sets of 10.
These felt better than last week. Really still feel them in my rear delt/ tricep joining area. not sure if i’m supposed to or not but hey ho.

DB Shrugs - After the massive guy in the gym corrected my form last week these felt amazing for a good pump in the right area for once.
26kg per side x 10
24 x 10
20 x 10
I made sure form was 100% rather than pushing big weights. Also noting that my left side could have done way more but my previously injured (and smaller) shoulder struggled to hit the 10 reps on each set.

Then reverse Hyper rather than deads (due to injuries). 2 sets, one hitting 10 reps, one hitting 9. Using BW only makes me realise my lower back is very weak and i’ll try and keep these in my programme to improve on them.

Then i hit abs today as well. Leg raises for sets of
That’s not really much of an improvement on these but i definitely feel them in right area, might need to get these in twice a week really.

One more session to go before week 2 is done. I need to re-read the weeks 3-4 to check what changes are made and plan my week out. Loving the work but i do feel weak on some of the big lifts compared to how i used to be (pre COVID). Still thinking about a strength phase later but maybe i’ll see how much my strength improves with this routine over the 12 weeks.

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Well, last night went out with a mate from work and sank about 8 pints. Felt rough this morning so didn’t expect much of the session but after plenty of pre workout and some angry music it went well.

Machine press
Warm up sets

40kg each side x 12

Chest feeling massive after that!

Then fly and reverse fly super set
47kg x 12 for 4 sets

Reverse fly 33kg x
20 reps, 10 partials
20 reps, 5 partials
19 reps, 2 partials
15 reps, 5 partials

Next Lat raises. 1 cluster set
4 micro sets of 4 with 4 breaths in between them.

Next arms :muscle:t2:

Rope push down super setted with bicep curls against a wall (to help my poor form with my right arm).

Push down
X 15 reps
X 14 reps
X 12 reps

10kg x 15
X 14

Dips ss with barbell curls

X 14
X 8
X 7

Bb curls
25kg x 8
X 8

Forgot my weight belt for the weighted dips. Was supposed to be sets of 8 but I just went to failure on all sets.

Last items for the week!!!

French press
10kg each hand x 15
12kg x 10
12kg x 8

Ss with hammer curls
10kg x 15

All done. Really enjoying the sessions, feeling big and pumped each time. It does feel like I’m not getting as much direct work for my shoulders but then I forgot to do the band work again like an idiot!

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Looking good! God they’re feeling better!

Well at the weekend i went up to Leeds with all my mates and watched Europe’s strongest man. Was brilliant, but all i did was drink beer and eat burgers all weekend. Monday morning squats will be hard!!!

So Monday Week 3 of the programme. New programme for weeks 3-4, suitable changes so lets go!!!

Leg Curl
Warm Up sets then smooth ramp up sets
47 x 12
54 x 10
61 x 8
61 x 8 then drop sets 33 x8 and another 33 x 8

Squats - Explosive ramp sets
70kg x 6
80 x 6
90 x 6
100 x 6

Overall squats starting to feel a bit better form wise but i need to watch my hips and back.

Leg press. 4 sets of constant tension legs. for these i used the Hack squat machine as the leg press hurts my back.
80kg x 8
All good sets but my legs felt destroyed after that…and then

Hack squat again!!! 3 sets of 1.25 reps for sets of 10/8/8.

This was a killer. I dropped the weight to 40kg and started
40kg x 7
40kg x 5
40 x 5 drop set, 20kg x 5, 10kg x 3

Legs done. Can’t believe how much the first three exercises took out my legs to only get such poor reps!

28kg each side x 15
28 x 7
I felt my hamstring pull a bit on the 7th rep so stopped there even though i had more in them.

Calf raise, these just kill me. I can’t seem to do 10/10/10 with the stretches as well, i just cramp up.
Set 1 10kg only x 10/10/4
set 2 dropped to 5kg 10/10/2
Set 3 10/10

Pathetic on the calves again. I think i might need to stretch them out before attempting these.

I got home, ate and struggled to walk upstairs. Horrid but great session!

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Chest and Shoulders Tuesday morning!!! I think this is my favourite day of the week! Although i’m still not sure if shoulders get enough work on this programme (although i’m probably wrong)

DB Chest Press - Smooth reps
4 sets all with the same weight after warm ups
34kg DBs x 8, x8, x8, x8

All nice smooth reps, will increase next week.

Bench - Explosive ramp up sets
70kg x 5
80 x 5
90 x 5
100 x 4
The 4th rep was slow so i didn’t try another. I’m gutting that my bench in general isn’t that great although i only bench after DB press. I wanted to have a stronger bench.

Incline BB press - Constant tension reps
60 x 6, x6, x6

My form is still ‘off’ on these, just can’t get used to the angle.

Push ups on blocks, 3 sets of AMRAP
x 15, x 10, 8 My triceps were fried at this point, great finisher though.

Reverse fly 3 sets of 20
38 x 20
38 x 15
33 x 17

Felt good

Then face pull this week.
I used a rope pully and did 3 sets of 12 reps with the same weight.

Last one was Press - explosive, 5 sets of 5.

I did the first three sets with a seated barbell and the last two on the hamer strnegth machine.
30kg x 5
45 x 5
40 x 5

Then switched to the machine
50 x 5
50 x 5

Another session done. I’m still on my ‘bulking diet’ and looking/ feeling bigger BUT my waste is definitely a little bigger as well. I need to stop the treats i’m adding on to my already full food schedule.

The workouts just take so much out of me i feel like i constantly need to eat!!!


Forgot to post here last week as work was mental. I still smashed my two sessions out though.

Pull 1 arm Row - Supposed to do a Meadows row but i want to continue getting better at certain exercises and keep them in my lifts.

Straight sets today 3 for 8 reps, i started twisting slightly on the last set but still hit all the reps with good form.
WU sets
36kg x8
36 x 8
36 x8

Machine Row - Explosive reps
47.5kg each side x6

Felt good!!

Lat pull down, wide and not going all the way down, stopping at the forehead.
63kg x8

Shrugs 3 sets of 12
24kg each side x 11

My form is better on these now but my right trap is way weaker than the left, so i’ll keep working on these.

Deadlifts are a no, so hypers again
x 11
x 8
x 7

My back kinda aches after these, not sure if its a good or bad ache to be honest.

Then finished with some leg raises:

I like the back sessions from Meadows, onwards and up-wards.

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Friday i hit my chest, shoulders and arm session. Meadows week 3-4 adds volume on both of these so i did short rest periods but it was a meaty session before work and i hard one at that (albeit lots of fun).

Machine press - I increased the weight from last week and really messed this up. Should have been 4 sets of 12 with the same weight and i just couldn’t get it right.

Warm Ups
45kg each side x 12
x 9
42.5 x 8
40 x 6

Flys ss with reverse fly
54kg x 10

33kg x 20

I can increase the weight on both of those next week.

Then Hex press I did 3 sets of 10 with 18kg DBs, this was too light but first time I’ve done this exercise.
Face pulls, then 3 sets of 10 nice and easy with a 3 second hold at the top.

Then the 6 way lat raises, i only did 2 sets as i was running low on time. 5kg DBs x 10, x 10

Then the arms sets, all with 30 seconds rest in between sets and exercises supersetted.

Rope push downs SS 1 and a half curls (those were brutal)
Push downs 3 sets of 15

Curls aimed for 3 sets of 10 but did
10kgDB x 10
8 x 10
8 x 8

Cable extensions SS with pinwheel curls
Extensions 3 sets of 10 with 5 partials after each set all done!

Pin wheel curls, 3 sets of 10 with 8kg DB (the 1.5 curls fried my biceps really)

Then last exercises

Incline French press 3 sets of 12 and Preacher curls

French press 10kg DBs x 12
x 12
x 11

Preacher urls
10kg x 8

Another week done and dusted. Liking these workouts but i do miss being able to progress the same thing week in week out.