Against AIs, But Willing to Try

I’d like to run a little experiment and try Arimidex.
Total Test 926
Free Test 23
E2 non sensitive 72

Based on those labs, what amount can I get away with using without crashing my E2? Being at 72 I have some room to work with. Here are my questions:

  • how many times a week should it be taken? Is once a week enough? (Right after injection?)
  • what’s the absolute minimum I should take for that 72 e2? Keeping in mind my Arimidex pills are 1 mg and crumble up really fast.

I don’t suffer from the main side effects of high E2 like bloating etc, but I am feeling low libido, very moody and slightly deppresive.
I just want to see if cutting down E2 a bit will have any profound changes.

It has to do with your individual reaction more than anything else. Some guys take a scraping of powder off of the pill twice a week and crash, some guys take the whole pill EOD and it doesn’t seem to do much for them. I would start with 1/8th of a pill twice a week if you want to play with it, but I think that you’ll find you prefer life without it.

If you’re going to do it make sure you do it correctly. Get yourself a mg scale off Amazon and that way you know exact amounts of what you are taking. Just because it looks like 4 even quarters doesn’t mean it is. Weigh it, take exact dosage and report your findings. For me, .25mg just makes me piss more than normal.

Here’s a good mg scale that I can attest to. It comes in multiple colors so you can match it with your new bra.

They don’t even have pink

Haha awesome

So 0.25 mg every 4 days ? (My shot day)

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I wouldn’t take more than that. I’d actually do half that amount to start. .125mg 2x a week basically.

Estrogen promotes libido. It’s odd to think it will help Lowering estrogen. The scientific material is against your experiment. Bro science is with you. I know which I’d pick.

Increase DHT and test DHT to see where it’s at. More DHT helps libido along with e2. 100%.

If your libido sucks. How long has it sucked and how long have you been on trt. There’s more to libido than just hormones. The worst thing men can do is masturbate and watch porn to offen. They get desensitized and libido is no good. If that is something you’ve been doing just abstain for a month or two and let it comes back naturally.

I had low libido for a while there. I abstained first a week or two. I stopped porn (yes again. But it was only a couple times a week) and now my libido is uncontrollable . I could go twice a day . I wake up middle of the night wirh a rediculous urge .

What I’m saying is TrT doesn’t make your libido super human: sometimes the body needs rest and it will naturally come back to you.

Libido isn’t my primary issue. Although DHT is top range but not over. DHT should be higher. Suppresing E2 gives T a chance to go down the DHT route.

If your non sensitive E2 is 72 then sensitive is likely in the 50’s. Just be careful not to do too much. Maybe try one a week at first.

This is how I get.

Increase my E2 and things get even worse.

I’d go .25 at time of injection. You can dissolve in vodka, which is what I’ve done, then dose it with syringe into a shot glass. Works very nicely and is accurate.

Are you on AI ? I thought you weren’t.

No but I was for the first 6 months of TRT. It’s one of the reasons I try to let others know not to start with one and give it time to see if they need it.

Can you visit this thread and share your labs?

Is it possible to have really high E2 but not have any water retention whatsoever?

Yes, I’m sure it is, but it would be unusual.

So maybe I’m overthinking how high my E2 actually is? I’m saying 72 here for people to understand, but I’m using Canadian labs which has a range of <162 pmol/L mine being 266 pmol/L. No puffiness. No water retention. I can see all my veins popping on my hands and my rings slide off my fingers with ease. Almost like I’m holding even less water.

You are overthinking it. Do not worry about it unless you get negative health issues, like ED or gyno.

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Then you’re fine. I’m 2x the lab range too.

Mine is double the range. I had water retention starting week 6-ish until maybe months 3-4 but it went away on its own (didn’t change anything).