Advice for a Pissed Off Fat Man?

Guys, im looking for some general advice on fat loss / calories and all that jazz… I have been dieting for well over a month and my weight hasn’t budged, i have been fortunate enough to have some time off work so i thought id put all my focus into my physique and train hard but i feel like im just spinning my wheels and not making progress…

My diet has been spotless, i havent cheated and didnt feel the urge to cheat as i was focused on the goal… i downloaded myfitnesspal to keep track of my calories and progress.

I am 18 stone, 2lbs and according to the app my daily requirements are 2400 - it has been a month since i started and the scale hasnt budged!

i eat lean protein, brown carbs and some healthy fats… split over 3 to 4 meals as i find it easier to manage.

ive been doing am cardio for up to an hour if i feel good and strength training in the afternoon - the second session will usually be just under an hour and a half…

can someone please point out what i am doing wrong?

Just to add i dont expect to see results instantly i just want to know im on the right track

any advice would be apprecaited

How old are you? Height? Whats the P/C/F split? whats your exact routine for the am and pm sessions?

i am 29 years old, been training for 4 years and have a decent amount of muscle mass.

my am routine would be 45 mins to an hour on the treadmill doing fasted cardio

in the evening my routine is:

*Day 1: Chest and Back - 5 sets, 12 reps - LAST SET DROP SET x3

Incline Bench
Flat Bench
Smith Incline Bench or machine incline
Flyes - High Rep 20s

Behind neck lat pull
Bent over reverse row
T bar row
Seated Row

*Day 2: Shoulders and Arms - 5 sets, 12 reps - LAST SET DROP SET x3

Behind Neck Press
Standing shoulder press dB
Side raises
Arnold press
Rear delt flies

3 sets, 12 reps - LAST SET DROP SET x3
DB Bicep Curls
Preacher Curls
Hammer Curls
Tricep Ext
OH Ext - seated
Reverse Ext

*Day 3: Legs - 5 sets, 12 reps - LAST SET DROP SET x3

T bar machine - squat/deadlift
Leg Press
Hack Squat
Stiff Leg Deadlift
Mule Kick

*Day 4: Chest and Back - 5 sets, 12 reps - LAST SET DROP SET x3

Incline Bench
Flat Bench
Smith Incline Bench
Flyes - High Rep 20s
Behind neck lat pull
Bent over reverse row
T bar row
Seated Row

*Day 5: Shoulders and Arms - 5 sets, 12 reps - LAST SET DROP SET x3

Behind Neck Press
Smith Shoulder Press
Side Laterals - cables
Rear Delt Rows

sorry im not firmilar with p/c/f?


Your training program has alot of unnecessary fluff, you can probably cut 50% of it off completely and get better results. Try just doing one of the programs on this site, Best Damn Workout Plan by Christian Thib would be good for you IMO based on your current split. Otherwise, you are putting in alot of work, try lowering your calories intake until you start seeing progress. So drop to 2300cal/day for a couple weeks and see if that changes anything. if not, got to 2200cal/day etc etc.

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Weight change (up or down) is down to diet. If you want to lose the belly then it’s time to watch what you eat. Unfortunately weight loss is also a results game. There is not point moaning about not losing weight. Eat less.
That’s not meant to be harsh. But it’s the universal truth. The app or a diet plan might say “you need 2400 cals” but if you’re not losing weight – you need less food.

What’s your working out like?
You don’t need to work out to lose weight. That’s down to diet. But working out does increase the amount of calories you’re using. It does help grow muscle which will then burn more calories. And it does focus your attention. Exercise turns god weight loss into great weight loss.

From someone that’s cutting at the moment can suggest the following tips.
If you’re struggling for the food side – drop a gym session and book and hour of kitchen time. This will be the most important hour of the week. I can/have/will continue to miss the gym to ensure my meal prep is done. Is not sexy but its why I’m 1.5kg/3lb down in 10 days.
BIG COMPUND MOVES – squat, bench, deadlift, press, dips, chins, press up, bent over/ one arm rows. Not much else is needed.
Work hard.
I now do not do more than 5 reps ever. The limiting factor in my workout is glycogen storage. After 3-4 heavy reps the glycogen is gone and I feel weak. So I work multiple sets of 3 reps of 75-85% of 1rm.

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Stop this - it does not do what you think it does

That’s too much, and your weight lifting workouts (as pointed out by other poster) are full extra stuff that should be dropped. You should get great results lifting ~45 minutes 3-4 times a week if you focus on getting stronger at squats, deadlifts, bench press, and barbell over head press. Through in some pull ups, rows, and dips between the heavy sets of ~5 on the large compound lifts.

Beginners most often throw in more and more volume and moves, thinking “well, if I add an extra x minutes on the treadmill, another round of curls, and more sets of chest then I’ll see the results I want”. That’s what I see here.

Example of a more effective routine:

Day 1: Bench press (531 or other progressive overload programs). 5 sets of 10: pull ups, dips, DB squats
Day 2: 30 min. cardio/mobility
Day 3: Back squat (531 or other progressive overload program). 5 sets of 10: DB rows, DB incline press, ab roller or hanging leg raise.
Day 4: 30 min cardio/mobility
Dat 5: Over head press (531, or other). 5 sets of 10: pull ups, dips, DB sqauts
Day 6: Dead lift (531, or other)" 5 sets of 10: DB rows, DB incline bench, ab roller or HLR.
Day 7: rest

Summary: progressive overloads on the big barbell lifts, bodyweight/DB’s as assistance, and conditioning/mobility. Check out 531 programs for more details, although there are other programs built on these principles.

You say that your new diet has you on 2400 cals, do you know roughly how much you were eating before the diet?

Do you eat vegetables? -if not get in plenty especially greens, the liver is the biggest fat burning organ in the body.

This is excellent for fatloss and body composition in general, do in 3-4 week burst(after that most people burn out)…

Then Alternate with one of these…

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Post a typical days eating (typical being what goes in your mouth not what you plan as the perfect day that you pulled of on the first 2 days and never again)

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Thanks for those who responded! I just wanted to add a little update to what ive been doing and my findings…

Since i posted this ive been working hard and found out what my issue was… Because i have been training for a while and my calories have been so low my metabolism had slowed down alot so in order to combat this i had to drop my calories lower than recommended

I have managed to shed alot of the fat and now down to a happy 16st 1lb - I have managed to retain a good amount of muscle mass and i am happier with myself

Now i am at the stage where if i were to continue cutting on the calories i was consuming they would be too low and it would do me more harm than good so i need to do something of a reverse diet and increase my calories slowly over the next few months then i will continue to cut the rest of this weight…

My take away from this is that it is all about calories in vs calories out and you have to take your time in order to lose weight effectively.

I just wanted to update this as someone else could learn from my mistakes.

If you have been dieting for a while and dont see any improvement then reduce your calories even more until you do… however if they go below 1600 then you need to increase them slowly while watching your weight to ensure that you dont put on the weight you have fought so hard to lose… dont kill yourself with cardio as that just adds to the damage

Thank you for all those that responded and i hope this message will help someone.

Yeah, um, that’s exactly not the best idea. Jade Teta has talked a bunch about it in a few articles, like this one. His ideas of “eat less, exercise less” vs “eat more, exercise more” are spot on.

A rule of thumb that gets thrown around a lot is “bodyweight x 10” being roughly the bottom of the barrel for how low to drop calories without stirring up metabolic damage, especially when training hard, and you were below that to begin with. There are a handful of exceptions, but it’s a solid guideline.

I might’ve missed it, but how tall are you?

How’s your strength been? Do you currently have any ab definition?

To be fair, this does carry some weight. Pun absolutely intended.

I agree it’s not the best advice but its advice for someone in a similar situation, I know what its like to feel horrible and unhappy with my body so I can imagine what it’s like for someone else.

I am 5’ 11 and my strength has dropped slightly but I haven’t really paid it any mind, I feel better and more confident which was the main reason for me doing this.

Don’t have any ab definition as yet, truthfully I never train abs lol but I will start! :slight_smile:

I appreciate the pun :smile:

You can gain strength and lose fat. Need to eat plenty of protein and do more resistance work than cardio. Protein, mushrooms and greens fill you up.