Adjustable dumbbells

I need to get more dumbbells for my home gym. I have a few right now, but need different poundages. I was considering purchasing the PowerBlocks system (expensive). As an alternative, what’s your opinion of using adjustable Olympic sized dumbbell bars - like barbells where you can add different size Oly plates. It might be a hassle loading and unloading, but it would be at a fraction of the price of PowerBlocks.

I’ve beeen using the olympic DB’s for about a year now, and even though they can be a pain in the ass sometimes they are pretty decent…it’s just kinda a pain in the ass b/c I like to rest between sets, and if I have to add weight sometimes it can take a little longer to do it. Overall I’d say get 'em if you don’t want to blow you cash on the Blocks.

i got a the db handles with the screw and screw on locks. bought a bunch of used standard plates at play it again sports for about 20 cents a pound and know have adjustable db up to 100 pounds for pretty cheap.

I purchased powerblocks and have not used them much because I switched to working out in a gym.

I have 2 fixed four adjustable and 2 oly adjustable, i rarely use them, look for used ones…cheaper

I bought Power blocks (85lbs per DB) about 3 years ago and they have been one of the best purchases I have ever made. Combined with an adjustable bench, a power rack, pulldown/row apparatus, I can always get a great workout at home. I also have a gym membership, but with my hours and schedule, I love the flexibility of being able to get a workout in whenever I like.

I did the same thing as Pete. Works great and very inexpensive (comparatively).

If you can afford them, go with the Power Blocks. I think they are great especially when supersetting or doing drop sets. Its too much of a pain in the ass with changing plates on a regular adjustable DB set.

Powerblocks are tough to beat. I’ve got the blocks that go up to 90lbs and they are very easy to change and comfortable to use with most DB lifts. They hold together on dynamic lifts (DB Swing, 1 arm DB snatch) and although it will cost you a little up front, its a worthy investment if you are serious about a home gym.

about how much would an 80-95 lb set of powerblocks cost?

I got my self a pair 12" and 18" dumbell handles. They are spin-lock and I can load up-to 125lbs. This way and get the same range of motion that I would get from regular gym dumbells.