Adding in Mast P

Hey lads. just after a bit of knowledge goodness, so i have 3 vials of mast prop 100mg/10ml.

im on week 3 of Test e 600mg a week i was wondering if i was to ad mast in after week 4 and run it for 8 weeks at say maybe 100mg eod would that be worth it? i have read that mast should be run higher then test and also that it should be run with test p but since my blood levels would be fully up by week 4 it wouldnt matter that it was enanthate would it? also since it is mast prop should i run it for 2 weeks after i finish the test e, right up to ptc?

please drop knowledge bombs

you can do that if you like, no reason why not.

I wouldn’t, personally. This is your first cycle, just trying to get a bit bigger, yeah? Don’t really need the mast for that. I’d save it for future cycles.

Don’t believe that shite about it having to be higher than test, or that you have to use it with prop.

Ive done this in my first cycle, ive added it when i was at like 7% bf and i saw good results , went harder and got more veins poppin also some strenght gains!

Bad sides was that i got some pimples on my back and i was waking up every night and had to take a piss (stopped when i dropped the mast)

alltho i dont think it would have gave me no visual effect if i would be at over 10%, only the strenght gain and more acne!

Yeah my reason for wanting for ad it in is. I wanna cut up a bit iv been clean bulking for the better part of 6 months gained about 10kgs and still got abs. I keept calories up into the start of cycle and added another 3 kgs on so far even my girlfriend tells me im thicker and harder when she hugs me. So now i wanna start cutting but many people have told me that test isnt great for cutting and that mast will shred me up real nice and give me that hard veiny look.

test is fine for cutting. Why wouldn’t it be?

Add the mast if you want but at this stage in your steroid journey there’s not much point IMO.

Ok yeah ill save it for next time. I come here for the advice it would be pointless for me to use this forum if i were to ignor it.
cheers yogi!

O would use it at 50 mg ed and see how i d react to it but thats just me!

Mast will free up a lot of test which is good I don’t see how running 3 - 400mg is a bad thing with 600mg test.

That’s pretty much a gram of hormones in your system.

Suggestion maybe throw say 50 - 75mg winny ED at the end to really harden up or anadrol 50mg ED to blow up from the inside the last 2 weeks. Or combine 50mg Wini and 50mg Drol. You will first get a bit of water retention the first couple of days from the anadrol but that will dissipate.