Ab training

I just wanted to ask my T-men/women friends if they train their abs regularly or just when they are dieting down. Does anyone train abs on a bulk eating diet. Does anyone train abs all year a round ?

Uh, jag, do your abdominal muscles leave your body when you get fat? Answer: no. Train them like you would any other muscle group, whether you can see them or not.

Man Chris, why so snotty. He was simply trying to get a feel for how every one else on the forum approached the matter.

jag…train them mugs, boyee! Don’t piss off Shoogs, he might just dial up the T-911 crew on yo’ non-ab trainin’ bootie:-) Actually, jag, you may even consider doing some ab work before you kick off each training session. Rather than relegating them to the end and doing half-ass routines, give ‘em a go from the start–at the same time you’re warming up the core and stretching things out a bit. BTW, Shoogs, way to go on the article…it kicked arse and you had me bustin’ nuts, guts and bolts!

Didn’t mean for that to come off snotty. It’s a question I hear a lot and have addressed in the magazine once or twice. That was just my rote answer.

BTW, one advantage of getting some hypertrophy going in the abs is that you can see them even when your bodyfat is a little higher than ideal. My best results have come from high sets of low reps. Like 10 X 4 on a Swiss ball holding a heavy weight. I throw in high rep stuff for variety, too.

Abs…yep abs AND lower back…always! Lately I’ve been living on a steady diet of Janda situps, full-contact twists, and reverse hypers.