A Story: The Past, Present and Future

well here i fucking am again, id say its been about 5 months since Ive kept a log. So heres the long intro story that makes any of this relevant, well because i really wont be lifting anything impressive at all so im not here to give an example in that department at all. Basically I started lifting in freshman year of highschool (im 20 now and a sophmore in college) and quickly got into powerlifting. By sophmore year of highschool i had a 315 bench, 335x2 squat(started later than benching of course haha) and a 405 dead. I was pretty strong for my age, and it was still climbing. I got convinced to play football junior year and got fucked up. Like seriously just fucked. I slammed into a kid and just had insant back spasm, and two weeks later fell on it and stiffened up again. From then on ive had back spasms on and off concluding with last one being last winter(freshman year of college), which had me unable to walk for the first time so i got an MRI and was diagnosed with degenerative discs. Although this is enviable clearly, a 19 year should not have the back of a 50 year old, so i was dont with sqauts and deads, forever.

Ok back to football, i also had a head collision and fucked up my neck and shoulder. I had neck spasms upwards of 2 a month to once every 3 months, and have just recently solved this mostly, but hold on. The shoulder the following winter of football popped out of the socket at a track meet throwing shotput. Then it popped out that summer doing incline db presses. I was seeing a therapist for my back then, and she said it was a sublex which is a pretty general term so i got it pretty strong with holds and shit. THis got me back to benching 315 freshman year of college. But my neck was still spasming, this was important later.

So now the winter and summer of second semester freshman year after the back spams, but strong upper body gains, i was focused on bodybuilding, i did a few months on a split to prepare myself, training two muscle groups a day. FOr legs it was on to split squats, lunges and ghr etc…, i couldnt shoulder press(pain) and i did incline press at all. Then everything was good, i was gaining size, switched to 1 muscle group a day, and worked up to 30 sets per muscle group (lol at this now) doing at least 10 reps a set, up to 50. I gained a shit load of size, my 2XL shirts were getting tight as fuck in the tris and back, my legs were beefed, and i was semi fat as well. Arms were growing for once too. I was benching 225x15-19 at the time for reference. End of the semester i suddenly couldnt bench 135 one day and arnold press 20’s with my right arm (o yeah, i could do these at the end of the year) and i knew something was fucked.

Well it was a pinched nerve and the doctor i had was fuck head just told me to take three months off. Well the numbness didnt go away and the strength didnt fully return so ive been focusing on cardio up until the past month, lost about 40 pounds or so, down to 220-225, used to be as high 280, lost alot of fat and muscle, but im much more defined now and dont mind that haha. Anyways i finally had some help me fix my issue with the nerve this past month and my strength is coming back. I never thought id hit a barbell bench again in my life two months ago, and now im doing 150x20 controlled.

SO thats my story. This is a log about not giving up, making the best of what you have, staying injury free and intelligent, and looking good.

Right now i am going to start a routine as follows:

1: Chest/Back
2: Arms
3: Legs
4: Shoulders/light Arms
5: off
6:off or repeat depending on feel

Cardio will performed almost daily, its great, it makes me feel great, and it helps me recover and give me something to do on the off days. Abs will also be almost daily i mostly use pilate techniques, they are actually amazing for back support, i add in some more massy ab moves here and there.

The reason im doing arms the most is my legs are the biggest ithing on me cuz i took up cycling when i had the shoulder shti this summer so they havent lost much size, about two inches. My chest back and shoulders all can only handle low volume right now and frequency, until i keep healing so i figured id focus on arms :). Also will be trying to up the calves alot, but i dont keep a set thing for them.

I will post some pics tonight, and maybe one or two tomorrow of full body. My plan is lose about 5-15 pounds while i do this routine for the next two months, i know ic an lose 10lbs easy if i just eat clean, so thats the goal. I will be keeping a food log on here as well as training log so i cant cheat myself. Thanks for reading this, and if you have any questions comments, drop em!

These are a couple from when i was maybe 250-260 last year in the spring a couple months before i got injure


arms from last week so i have a reference for this arm gain phase

back shot, compare leaness, loss of size yes haha

tricep shot from today, ill get a leg shot up tomorrow. Also FYI i literally dont curl above 60 pounds or so on the bar and 30lbs dumbells, for tris i dont skull crush more than about the same but they have started to gain stregnth so well see. I want to be safe though you guys have no idea how crazy it is to be pain free for the first time in years!

o and heres a vid so you know i was legit strong before haha

Hit 20 min on the bike at 24MPH on level 15-16 the whole time.

Did 50/50 sprints for two laps on the track

3x15 and 3x30sec of reverse hypers and plan circuit

3x10 on hack squat calf raises ss with 3x20 rear flies

4x10-15 seated calf raises

Solid hour long off day, feeling good.

Todays Nutrition:
Two pieces multigrain bread with butter
1 stick of naturevalley bar
low carb monster (weening of 2-3 day hahaha their my fix)
1 protein bar (200 cals, 20g protein)
salad, scoop of rice, 2 chicken breasts
1 protein bar

that will probably be about all today, not to hungry really so no need to overeat.

weighed 222.8 today, not bad at all, starting to go down.
Warmed up with 10 min on the elliptical.
Titties and Back
Incline Cable Fly
12.5x15,15 these really help warm up my pecs and have been helping my shoulder relearn full ROM, also worked in a couple warmup sets of pulldowns in.

100x20, controlled hard contracting reps

Vbar cable row
100x12 these i like to do a 1-2 second squeeze at the top and a slow negative

Incline Bench (2nd time doing these since the injury, i did a slight pause on the chest of each rep)

DB Bench

first time not doing these nuetral grip, felt pretty good actually, not gonna rush at all though.

DB Row

Machine Bench (not sure what the start weight is)
50x20, alternating

overhand cable row


Fast pace today, no pain right now which is excellent.

diet from today:
2 monsters
2 snack size granola bars
1 scoop eggs, 1 scoop hash browns
4 bananas
1 protein shake
1 protein bar
1 whole wheat sandwhich with veggies and a few slices of meat.

havent posted in a couple days, been busy as fuck, got the arm workout in two days ago, legs yesterday and shoulders/light arms today… hers today:

side lateral/bent lateral warmup

side lateral failure set
15’sx25 unassisted +5 or so assisted

seated one arm dumbell press
25x4x15, just started doing these again

cable row pull apart

incline rear swings ss with front raise
30’sx25/15’sx15 - 3 rounds

dumbell curl

underhand ext ss with cable curl
20x30/30- 3 rounds

got out of there, it was packed.

Went back in PM for cardio
did 15min on the arc
1 min rowing/50 jumpropes for 5 rounds

3 sets of rope curls/rope ext/cable row for 40 reps on each.

3 sets of calfs

2 sets of hypers and some abs.

Did a small volume leg session today as my friend wanted to do his, but im feeling pretty recovered actually and think ill do chest/back tomorrow.

15 min elliptical, 2.25 miles

reverse lunge
30’sx3 (reps a leg)

box jump ss with leg raise
BWx3/10 3 rounds

stiff legged deads kinda performed liek controlled dimels
105x15 got a real good hamstring contraction with these

barbell wrist curl (extending fingers all the way, curling them, then curling the wrist)

behind the back curls(same fashion)

10 min biking on level 15 (for those who bike) covered 3.71 miles, a 22.1 mile per hour pace so not shabby!

Thats it, it was actually kinda like a day off recovery day besides the lunges but i think the low volume on those will be fine. Shoulder/neck feels good, not paying attention to diet as much, weights been stable, veins are becoming more prominent so ill go with mirrors on this, no need to starve myself when im gaining strength for once, i do however focus on eating predominantly clean if i chose to eat alot.

Thats all for now, hopefully a good titty blasting will ensue tomorrow!

TITIES and back :slight_smile:

flat cable fly

incline barbell (with full pause on chest)
95x10 god im fucking weak on pressing

Flat dumbell press

Cable vbar Row
gettin stronger on these again, contractions feel great

Wide pulldown

barbell row
95x20,20 these were way to hard for some reason so i didnt do any more sets

Standing cable fly ss with overhand cable row
15x25/70x25 did two rounds to finish em off

hypers ss with planks
bwx15/bwx30secs 4 rounds

5 laps around the track sprinting straight awaysa and walking corners.

Cable curl ss with pushdown (slow negative, hold contraction)

skull crusher ss with dumbell curl (gripping it at the very top of the bell)

close grip smith bench
didnt like these that much

one arm preacher curl machine
45x8 +4 assisted

rope curl/overhead ext/row pullaparts
25x25/30, 5x20
30x25/30, 5x20
20xfailure/failure, 5x20

did some calfs hypers and 30 min on the arc, pretty beat.

You have a lot on your plate. Good luck. I’ll be following.

[quote]spar4tee wrote:
You have a lot on your plate. Good luck. I’ll be following.[/quote]

thanks man, all ive ever wanted to do was lift, and i from genetics, circumstances, random events its only ever been against me haha, im very happy to be mostly pain free right now!

Anyways, chest/back are feeling good today, even with the light weights im getting a really good MMC, hopefully ill have progress pics soon.

Leg day, was feeling like a cold coming this morning so i wasnt expecting much today but…

10 min Bike warmup

Split squats(holding dumbell in front of me like a front squat load)
100x3, massive pr havent done more than 70 on these, gonna start using two dumbells now that i maxed out the singles.

Glute Ham Raise ss with Hypers
Bwx10/10, 3 rounds, 2 reps better than last week on the GHR’s and they felt alot faster

Glute machine ss with leg ext.
90x10/110x20, for two rounds

Ham curl ss with Walking lunge holding a 25 plate across chest
90x20/25x40 steps
110x20/25x40 these were fucking brutal, wiped me out completely

Did a rowing circuit(like crew rowing not ‘rows’) super setted with 50 jumps of jump rope
We did 7 rounds of this, doing 1 min rowing/50 jumps, no rest except if u finish the jumps early which on average there was 20-30 sec rest.

Lastly we did 5 laps around the track, accelerating till the last 1/4 into a full sprint. Rested 1-2 min between laps, each lap is .1 ,mile for some perspective.

This was an awesome leg workout and i loved the cardio, shit like this is not boring at all and it burns a fuck load of fat and gets me in mad good shape so wins all around.

Cannon Balls!
15 min elliptical
Rear Delt raise

seated side laterals
20’sx12+10 assisted
10’sx20 + 10 assisted

neutral grip db press

tbar shoulder press
75xnot as much

reversecablecurl/regularcablecurl/reversepressdown/pressdown giant set
25x15/15, 35x25/25 2 rounds of this

Wide cable row ss with partial laterlas
70x20, 30’sx25 3 rounds

rope curl/over head ext ss with internal/ext. rotation
2 rounds

hypers planks and 10 min on elliptical to finish it off. FELT FUCKING SWOLLE

Off/mini leg day
15 min elliptical
Reverse lunge off of 2 25’s
70’sx2 happy to feel strong as fuck on these


Calf raise on smith machine(seated)
290x10 good, 10 partials
110x20,20 fucking roasted the bad boys

Box Jumps

Barbell wrist curl

behind the back curl

5 laps Sprinting straight parts
5 laps backwards sprint straiht aways
2 laps ‘stride outs’
2 laps sideways shuffle
1 lap all out sprint baseline time 27 seconds for .1 miles


took a real day off yesterday so heres… TITTIAS!! and BACK!
10 min elliptical warmup
Incline cable fly

Incline Bench
135x2x6 PR
95x20 not paused

DB Flat bench

Vbar Row
180x10/85x20 drop set, PR

Lat Pulldown
overhand wide

DB row
50x2x12, couldnt handle any more haha

Track Work:
Stride Outs 4 laps
Reverse Sprint 4 laps
50/50 jog sprint 2 laps

3 sets calfs, 2 sets hypers

so fucking wiped out right now, really happy withbench and cable row progress

work of the early half of my friday night:

im pretty amateur don’t get me wrong, but i actually kinda like this one and cant wait to finish it as i usually don’t like projects enough to finish them.