8 Months After TRT, Diet and Hard Training

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No cardio, no anti-strogen, no HGH yet
Dosage 125 mg Pharma Grade Test Enanthate every 5 days
PD. some hair came back (53 y/o)
Dropped 22 lbs.


well done

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I think what happened to my hair is partly due to the niacin supplement, I take it during training and a few minutes later (mainly leg training) I get a bad itch on my head that I have to rub the towel vigorously… .

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Update 5 pounds more


This is just from 125mg TRT? Well done! What is your training protocol if you don’t mind sharing?

Thanks Bro, yes 125mg every 5 days… my training protocol is two days on and 1 day off… day 1 push day (Chest, shoulders and tris) day 2 legs day (Quads and calves) off day mobility routine, abs and neck, day 4 pull day (Back, traps and biceps) day 5 legs day (Hams and calves) and repeat… Always I train fasted after a good hydration

Looking good. I assume that’s what you wanted to hear?


Looks like a good example of muscle memory. You had a solid base to start, but you look good man. Make sure you get labs.

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I wanted show that is not necessary a lot of gear if only you want to look fit, look like a bodybuilder is other cup…

Thanks Bro, that’s very important…

Since you’re continuing this conversation I might as well just go ahead and say that I don’t believe you when you say that you built that physique on only a replacement dose of testosterone at 53 years old and nothing else. I don’t know what reason you would have for lying about the anabolics you took to get to the physique you achieved on an internet forum. That being said, whatever other anabolics you might have taken doesn’t take anything away from your hard work and dedication.

If you truly did achieve this at only a replacement dose of T, call me jealous and congratulations to you.

Thanks Bro, I understand, since maybe I would have the same opinion several years ago, but I have experience as an amateur bodybuilder for decades, but after my 40s I retired and was off gear for almost 10 years and I was lazy with training and diet,. I didn’t realized until I had a blood test and found my test was low so when I started my TRT I immediately regained my energy and motivation to get fit, I always hated injections so I found the best way to get the best results with the smallest dose, I inject myself. every 5 or 6 days with an insulin syringe via IM and I feel very comfortable with that for the rest of my life, so as long as I continue training and dieting my condition will be very sustainable over time. 125mg Primoteston Bayer (Test Enanthate) every 5 to 6 days… that’s all, I’m not huge, I’m 6 feet at 226 Lbs. I think that I’m just very near to a natty physique… BTW, I make carbs cycle so that make my diet also very sustainable in time…

If you’ve taken gear before you can never claim natty physique. Ever. You’ve pushed the envelope already so you can reclaim some of that with TrT.

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I’m not trying to state that I’m a natty, just the level of my physic condition could be reached being a natty