49 Years Old, Working on from Fat to Fit

I used to be a fanatical lifter. I completely let myself go for about 12 years. After really looking at myself in the mirror and feeling disgusted, I decided to do something about it. I wasn’t sure I could get going again, but I did. I started dieting March 7th, 2016 and entered the gym for the first time August 15th 2016. I found my test was only 260 ng/dl so started on TRT September 1st. The before photo is fully clothed because I had no idea where I would go and would have NEVER taken a photo without clothes to cover my fat. Before - 11/28/15 222 pounds, age 48. After - 11/19/16, 192 pounds, age 49. I have a long way to go and I am of course dealing with minor joint injuries after being so out of shape for so long. But my desire, drive, and motivation is back!


Congrats on your amazing progress thus far, and best of luck reaching your goals!

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Way to go man! Keep up the good work. You are looking great.

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Thanks! I appreciate it!

Thanks man!

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Exellent, are your coworkers jealous?? Once again i see the posative health and mental benefits of trt.
I have been around a lot of doctor’s the last few years and most agree , i bet your blood pressure is down , lipids down and quality of life better.

I don’t know if they are jealous but some ask me what the hell I am doing
to make such changes…haha. I do tell them I started TRT because the
overall health changes and quality of life is just as you stated. My BP
went from a bit high (140/90 ish) to normal, (120/80 or a bit lower). My
total cholesterol went from about 200 down to 140. LDL dropped way down.
HDL dropped a bit too, from 47 to 40 but Testosterone will do that and
overall the benefits outweigh the drop in HDL. I do need to donate blood as
my HCT drifts up to 50-51 so I donate every 2 months, which is a win-win
anyway. Almost everyone carries excess iron so it is super healthy to
donate anyway. (Plus lose 600 calories at a pop). Just a half hour of my
time every 2 months. Quality of life? I dropped an anti-depressant I had
been on for 5 years. Just plain didn’t need it anymore. I am a believer!
Worth it!!!

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Dont tell coworkers then they will be like oh he is a juice head , they have no concept.I notice people compare themselves with people their age, to see where they fall in. If they know your on test you might as well be Barry Bonds.
I know a guy who had type 2 diebetes, got on trt lifted three times a week , changed up diet a little, walked 45 minutes three times a week.
Lost 45 pounds or so in three months and personality much better.
Me im down clozapam once a day insteed of three.

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Good for you man!
You look great. Keep going…

Awesome on reducing the Clonazepam! TRT “can” change a man’s life. It did
mine. Yeah, I see your point on the juice head thing though. Of course,
they don’t care that I log everything I eat daily to keep my macros on
point and quit the sugar and most of the alcohol! Oh, I did have a
20-something kid in the gym watching my squat sets ask me my age (must have
wondered because of the gray in my beard and I’m balding). I told him 49.
His next question wasn’t about program or nutrition - It was “what are you
taking”. Geez, but I took it as a compliment on my progress :slight_smile: The truth is
probably that most of it is muscle memory but I am sure the Test is making
it happen quicker.

Thanks!!! Now off the Christmas treats and back to work and diet :slight_smile:

Congratulations buddy, I am 45 male obese, used to life 15 years ago now going through same phase, exactly same. planning to start IRON worship now, cant go to gym so bought all iron stuff at home and making home gym. Man can we be in touch if you don’t mind. same testosterone issue I have also planning to start TRT also.
regards and best wishes