500 test cyp and 400 masteron

If I’ve been taking 1mg table weekly at 210 mg of test cyp(trt dose for years) and I’m starting cycle of 500 test and 400 masteron pining twice weekly would in theory my e2 stay in the range still taking 1 mg a week? Currently it’s always around 33.


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One 1mg a week of what?




The only way to tell bow you are responding is to get bloodwork and adjust AI asked off that or how you feel if you have enough experience.

My consultant said he would just stick with 1 mg weekly of Arimidex and monitor via bloodwork or if I start noticing in high e2 symptoms.

So why are you asking on here then? If you don’t trust your “consultant” then why are you taking advice from them?

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Because at the time I started the thread he hadn’t gotten back to me. I also don’t always take the word or advice of one person and run with it, including medical professionals. I take the opinions of whom ever feels the desire to answer questions. In the end I form what I believe to be best for myself with all the information I’ve gathered. Hope that answers your question. I also believe if not mistaken it’s a forum to ask said questions, so I’m not understanding you why.

Sorry but the answer is obvious if you understood hormones or pharma. The answer is “nobody knows” but mostly 99 % “no” to your original question. If you double your dose of Test you are going to aromatize more E2. But does that matter? Maybe not. Mast blunts the effects of E2 in tissue receptors so depending on why you had E2 “controlled” in the first place you may be ok.

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This is a bad practice.

Post a pic so we can properly roast you.


Dude get off my Dick! You took my answer out of context, you must be a Democrat. I said all opinions of whomever feels free to answer any question I might ask are taking in to consideration and then I form my own path.

So you’re saying that you listen to those opinions that resonate with the choice you’ve already made before asking the question?

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Don’t flatter yourself.

Good one - that really stings.

Whoever - it’s subjective case, not objective.

Did you proofread this?

Obviously not or you wouldn’t have posted it. Proofread in the future to avoid looking more stoopiderer.