4-Day Upper/Lower


Power Clean 5x5 @ 145lbs
Squat (ATG) 5x6 225
Leg Press 4x6 360
Romanian Deadlift 5x6 225
DB Split Squat 3x5/side 70lbs


Alternating Pair:
DB Bench 5x5 85lbs
Close Grip Pull-Up 5x5 BW+50lbs

1-Arm DB Shoulder Press 5x5/side 70lbs
1-Arm DB Row 5x6/side 110lbs

Dips 3xFailure
1 minute dynamic bridges (abdominals)


.75 mile warmup

1.5 miles: 20 second sprint, 35 second run

.75 mile cool down

Looks Pretty Good man. What are your stats and are you training for anything?

24 5’9" 158lbs

Deadlift 320
Squat 260
Bench 220

Trying to get up to 180 using compound lifts with reps in the 4-6 range. Up for suggestions to my program.

Well So far your stuff looks pretty good but as you keep going, if I see anything worth suggesting I’ll throw it out there.

I think your on a good track as far as lifting…Hows your diet?

And how long have you been lifting?


Deadlift: 3x5 305lbs
Barbell Lunge: 4x8/side 155lbs
DB Step-up: 4x8/side 65lbs dumbbells
Leg Press: 2x10 340lbs 2x8 360lbs

Abs: rotating cable twists (standing) 3x8/side 90lbs

I’ve only been lifting with a “plan” since July 2008. My diet is about 40/40/20 p/c/f with starchy carbs (oatmeal and rice) only at breakfast and post-workout.

I also drink 1 serving of Surge during weight training. I have recently begun using fit day and my calories are around 2700 per day. We’ll see if I start to gain, but either way I feel like I am stuffing myself.

you know how much protein per gram of body weight you are getting?

it comes out to 260-280 grams per day.


BB Bench: 5x5 190lbs
Reverse Grip BB Row: 5x5 175lbs

BB Standing Shoulder Press: 5x6 125 (failed on last rep)
Wide Grip Pull-Up: 5x6 BW+15lbs

Dips: 3x8 BW+25lbs

Cable Crunches: 4x20 140lbs


.75 mile warmup

1.5 miles: 20 second sprint, 35 second run

.75 mile cool down

comes out to be 13 rounds of sprint/run

It appears you’ve got a solid routine in and out of the weightroom. Don’t know how long you’ve been doing this, but you’re headed in the right direction bro. Keep it up. What are your stats [height/weight] and what are your goals, aside from just getting stronger. Do you have any numbers in mind?

I think the lower days have too much going on, I find my hamstrings to be really sore even with post-workout stretching. Also, my knees aren’t so hot either. Thinking about a West-Side routine or Madcows. I would ultimately like to get bigger, but right now I need to get my lifts up in a big way.


Tired ME Upper of WS4SB and didn’t really like it. I know I should give it more than a day, but oh well.

3/3/09 Lower Body

Power Clean 5x3: 155lbs (really working on speed and form)

Front Squat 5x5: 195lbs strict form

Reverse Lunge 4x8/side: 155lbs (failed on right leg) finished the other 3 sets with 135, still very taxing

Romanian Deadlift 3x8: 245lbs

4 minute ab circuit

3/4/09 Kettlebells!

Gave my 2 new 40lb 'bells a workout today

Did the the 1st circuit in the Nate Green article 5 times. Only used 80 seconds rest between circuits and only enough rest between exercised to adjust and setup.

I have a feeling I will be doing this stuff more often to give my knees a break from running/squatting

3/5/09 Upper

1-arm DB shoulder press 5x5: 75lbs
-failed on 4 set, last rep with left arm. I’ll keep this weight until I get 5 reps clean for all sets.

Neutral Grip Pull-Up 5x5: BW+40lbs

Weighted Dip 3x8 BW+45: 2x8, 1x5…finished reps with BW

Rear Delt Cable Fly 35lbs: 1x8, 2x10

DB Bench/Incline dumbbell curl superset:
I did 70lb DB Bench for 1x10, 1x8, 1x6. I got 3x8 on 35lb DB curls

3/5/09 Upper

Alternating Set:
5x5 1-arm DB Shoulder Press: 75lbs
5x5 Neutral Grip Pull-up: BW+40

Gonna have to stick with 75lb DB’s for a another week as form broke down and I missed a rep with my left arm on the 4th set.

Weighted Dips BW+45: 2x8, 1x5 (finished reps w/o plate)

Rear Delt Flyes 35lbs (cable): 1x8, 2x10

DB Bench 70lbs: 1x10, 1x8, 1x6
Incline DB Curl 35lb: 3x8

Supersetted DB Bench and curls with no rest between exercises, and 60sec after each set.
all other exercises had 60-90sec rest

dunno how it got posted twice, my bad


HIIT Running:

.75 mile warm-up

15 sets of 20 sec sprint & 35 sec run

.75 mile cool-down

Trying to add a couple sets each week before I drop the rest period more, and start over again at 10 sets.