4-AD reducing estrogen

I’ve read that 4-AD has been shown to reduce the amount of estrogen and has promise of being an anti-gyno agent.

Could someone please explain to me how something that converts into T could reduce estrogen? Doesn't T convert into estrogen? Am I missing something? I'm at a high risk for gyno, but I'd like to try Androsol.

I don’t that on T-mag we’ve said that 4-AD “does” reduce estrogen, but rather that it “does not increase estrogen.” On a couple
of occasions, it’s possible it says it may reduce it, because there’s some indications of that.

The fact that 4-AD increases testosterone levels but not estrogen levels is explainable,
so far as I can imagine, only by 4-AD (like
DHT, Proviron, androstanedione, and some other
steroids) having some binding to aromatase. Since it cannot itself be converted to estrogen – is binding the enzyme and the enzyme can do nothing with it – it’s a blocker or inhibitor. So T levels can go up some, but if aromatase is partially blocked, estrogen levels would not rise.

I’m not sure of the specifics behind it but I have experienced this effect first hand. I too have a proclivity towards gyno but Androsol seemed beneficial at reducing it. I’ve had gyno ever since I was 15 and worsened until I was 18. Before I used Androsol it was the size of half a golf ball. You could see it through almost any shirt I wore. Now it has reduced by about half and looks much flatter. When wearing a tight shirt it now looks like I have perky nipples. Looks better than before though. Maybe it’s because I leaned out a bit but this never happens when I diet. If anyone knows the pharmacokinetics behind this I would be interested in hearing about it.