314lbs to 199lbs


Sob Story:

I used to be in good shape, before life decided to try kill me off! Last 2.5 years have been a hellscape of illness, unexpected side effects, more illness (and some severe depression) etc. Finally reached remission stage, to where life is no longer trying to remove me…so beginning to put my life back together.

Posting today, as I am now halfway to my goal!! Thank you to whoever sent out the Velocity Diet v4 email on 28th July…I was eating 100g cheese & cooked turkey; swapped over to to slowly ramping up the nutrition for this plan!


Masterplan Part 1:
Stage 1 - Week 1 and 2: Learning to walk a normal amount. 8 stairs was enough to completely wind me and send me lying down. This is why walking features so heavily in the first few weeks.
Stage 2 - Week 3 to 6: Walk/jog alot. This was done in the apartment, basically doing laps around the small space or walking in the same spot. Yes, it is insanely mind numbingly boring…but again gave me some general fitness. My feet complain /alot/ however, I get woken up mid sleep with the pain.

Masterplan Part 2:
Stage 3: Week 7 and 8: Begin gym again…and slowly ramp up using Novice 5*5 program.
Stage 4: Week 9 to 16: Ramp up gym work & cardio work.

Masterplan Part 3:
Stage 5: Week 17 - apply for jobs (life insurance payout is letting me stay off work).
Stage 6: Continue adding more normal everyday life things.

Overall Tracking Google Docs Link

Google Docs Tracker

I update the Google Docs link every Friday with new measurements.

Will add sleep as of this week; my body is waking me up every few hours to scream about pain…mostly soles of my feet or legs. Massive re-adjustment period that I do not wish on anyone. Z12 helps ALOT with falling back to sleep however (added since Monday)




Been adding food/shakes as I move away from being 40%-50% fat…to more lean body mass. Calories dropped last week as weightloss stopped. Will need to give up the low calorie sauce soon :frowning:
** Calculation error for calories…thought I was eating more than I was (200 calories off). Fixed from this week, with another shake/flameout.

I upgraded the Misc Cucurmin & ZMA with I-Well and Elite Minerals. Given they provide the items + extra benefits. (Also as of Monday via biotest uk)

Horrific Photo:
On the left 314lb me… on the right 259lb me.
Minus 55lbs


Congrats so far! You’ve been through a lot; I’m excited to see your incredible journey continue

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Thats an accomplishment to be proud of…keep going


First off, what you’ve been through is nothing short of tragic. It goes to show you there’s no merit to judging anyone since you never know what they’ve had to endure/overcome.

Second, congratulations for putting yourself on track to smash your goals. The journey may not be linear, but you’ve obviously got a ton of resilience so let that be your rock in the event you find yourself struggling.

Finally, keep up with the posts. Whether anyone reads them or not, it’s therapeutic and can be a way to vent and get support from people in the thick of the shake life with you.


Awesome progress so far! Looking forward to watching it continue!

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Nice work! You put a plan in place and you’re sticking to it. Keep it going.


First, congrats. You inspire me!

So, my resting heart rate, at the American Red Cross with their vampires, was 58. My blood pressure is not high, but not optimal. Looking at your BP just plummet is really amazing. It also reminds me that some of these basic measurements must really have a genetic component.

I need to look into this more, but the BP issue really amazes me.


Some learnings that I’ve adjusted for Week 9.


  • Bought foot cream (Run Revive) on Amazon that does WONDERS for the soles of my feet. Still limp around first 10 mins in the morning, but it wears off.
  • Re-did the Google Doc. Simpler to track everything daily and improve the weekly tracking. Link


  • Bought a stationary bike; plan is to incorporate 20 sec normal biking + 10 sec all out, and do it for time. First round will be today.
  • With the feet issue pain mostly reduced, increased number of steps to 30,000 today; which roughly translates to 14 miles.
  • We’ll see if I can bump count of steps further, whilst also beginning stationary bike. My lower body is getting WORKED!

Gym Work

  • Split out the day into Workout A: Day 1 - Squats, Day 2 - Push exercise + Back Exercise. Same for Workout B. See if this aids my recovery, as Squats tend to obliterate my energy levels.
    Also see impact on legs; which is still getting obliterated by the walking/squats. It’s /alot/ of pain for me to put on socks in the am/ even worse taking off in the pm. Given the pain I’ve gone through, it’s more than survive-able.
  • Added Lat Pulldown to the Squat day. Phase 2 of the Novice program has Chin Ups which would be hilariously bad for me. So, just building some foundation of strength now in advance.


  • Dropped 1 scoop M Drive and added in 1 serving Mag 10 pre workout. Testing to see if this helps recovery better.
  • Dropped 1 scoop M Drive and added in 1 serving Plazma post workout. Testing to see if this helps recovery better.
  • Added 100mg chicken, which brings the total meal to 508 calories. The meal is 300mg chicken, low calorie sauce, lots (cabbage, broccoli, spinach), 1 onion, 3 carrots, 1 parsnip.

** Next update will be Friday.

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Given the amount of weight that sat on my stomach, relieving some of that stress is doing wonders. My waist (across belly button) is still >40", which according to British Heart Foundation is still “at risk” Link . I imagine once I reach a certain threshold, it will just stabilize out.

Wish you well on your V-Diet journey.


Wish you well on your V-Diet journey. Not much of a “talker”, but I’m following in the background.

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Lots of smart adjustments there. It’s the ultimate test: try it, see what happens, adjust as needed or if needed.

@Dan_John Despite already doing everything on the official “how to control blood pressure” list from doctors (stay lean, eat healthy, exercise, etc.) mine has been borderline for a while too. So there’s definitely a genetic component. But I’ve been able to avoid drugs and keep it tamped down with wild blueberries, Superfood, Indigo-3G, and Rez-V. Here’s an upcoming article I did on the blueberry/anthocyanins component:

Continuing the discussion from 314lbs to 199lbs:

Thank you, Chris. I need to do a before and after on this list of supps.

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Worthwhile callouts:

Health Tracker:

  • Not sure what happened on weight. Between Wednesday and Friday, I gained (!) 5 lbs…reducing the total lost. I’m absolutely clueless how…

Workout Tracker

  • Total lifted increased markedly this week, as I continue ramping up.
  • Swapped out Power Clean for Snatch Grip High Pull.
  • Added in 1 Loaded Carry per Workout. Really helps teach proper form and boy does it light up your support structure.

Cardio Tracker

  • Increased total walking time.
  • Stationary bike will increase in time again this week, and I’ll slowly reduce the total walking time in balance.
  • Will move from “volume of steps/distance”, to how quickly I can do groups of 5,000 steps/distance. Slowly ramp up the jogging/sprint volume and reduce over-all time investment.

See you all next Friday

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Nice work!!! I’ll be following along. You’ll get a lot of support here! Keep it up.

Ok…something weird is going on. Somehow added 5.x lbs again this week overnight Sunday, which put me back over 260. Now dropping slowly…

Addition of the workout drinks seems to be triggering this, as I didn’t have this issue before. But the workout drinks also have allowed me to complete full days in the gym and cardio. So I’m damned if I do or do not remove them.

See how it goes until Friday, then I’ll be forced to make a decision.

I wouldn’t sweat half a pound. Could even be muscle glycogen. How are the waist measurements looking?

Holy $#!+. I just looked at your log again and saw that you were dropping 5# a WEEK sustained. That is amazing and inspiring. Its nice to see someone a couple steps ahead on this journey and know what type of transformation could be possible.

5-6lbs not 1/2lb…

I did see a double increase waist drop (0.4" vs 0.2 previous 3 weeks) last week, even including the weight increase. Measure it again Friday.

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Worthwhile callouts:

Health Tracker:

  • Waiting to see if I randomly again add 5-6lbs this week…it really screwed with my head last week. See the volume of cardio dropped alot.

Workout Tracker

  • Total lifted increased markedly this week, as I continue ramping up.

  • Considering moving to the Metcon workouts…still thinking it through. Will continue 5*5 this week at least.

Cardio Tracker

  • Stationary bike will increase in time again this week, and I’ll slowly reduce the total walking time in balance. Plan for now is 15 mins every hour.

Nutrition Tracker

  • Calories dropped as I had days off from the gym.

  • Used Surge Workout Fuel, but only noticed it had no protein late in the week. So, undershot the amount. Ordered Plazma from Biotest UK and will swap back. Carbs only is pretty useless on a diet.

See you all next Friday

I had a long think this weekend on my next steps. Stalled out completely last week, barring the waist reduction. Need to do something different to re-charge my motivation; feeling a bit “meh” at the half way point. The changes will either semi kill me, or drastically kick my weight loss into higher gear.

Check In

  • Will move from a training weekly check-in to daily. I’ll record some of the training…which will be nothing like the person in Workout

  • Change the week to Sun-Sat.

  • Nutrition / Cardio / Health Measurements will continue being weekly.


  • Moving away from 5*5, and onto the workout I linked above. This comes in two parts.
  • 24kg Dumbell. Going to /attempt/ the same reps as the original poster…but I’ll probably die. See how it goes. From Thursday, I’ll be able to do the dumbell part from home (on order from Amazon); may take a few hours to do!

  • Complex of Power Clean | Front squat | Military Press | Back Squat | Behind Neck Press.


  • I have all the non-protein items on monthly order from Biotest NA now; wwaayyy cheaper vs Biotest UK. Still have the protein from UK, until I can confirm it won’t get stopped for milk reasons).

  • Will drop the pre-bed Surge Workout if weight loss stalls; basically test it for a week. This is part of the Surge Workout Protocol.

  • Below works out to
    Calories: 1628
    Protein: 215
    Fat: 25
    Carbs: 138

  • Meal 1:
    2 * Surge Workout Fuel
    1 * Power Drive
    1 * Mag 10 (must have had the last 2 bags from Biotest UK…1 bag left)

  • Meal 2
    2* Metabolic Drive
    2* Flameout
    Superfood (from UK, out of stock in US) / Rev Z

  • Meal 3
    300mg Chicken
    1 * Sauce
    Lots Green Vegetables
    I Well / P-Well

  • Meal 4
    1.5 * Metabolic Drive
    1 * Flameout

  • Meal 5
    1.5 * Metabolic Drive
    1 * Flameout

  • Meal 6
    1 * Surge Workout Fuel
    Elite Mineral

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