2nd Cycle Comments!!!

My previous cycle was
Weeks 1-4
D-bol 20mg ed
Deca 300mg/week
Sustanon 100mg/ed(250mged for the first 3 days of week1)
week 5-8
D-bol 30mg for week 5 alone
Sustanon 100mg ed
Deca 300mg/week
Weeks 9-12
winnytabs 40mg ed
PCT weeks 13-16
HCG 5000 I.U./week for 2 weeks
Nolva 20mg ed
Clomid 50 mg ed
'tis been 7 ,pmths now and i ntend going in for a 2ndcycle in about 2 months.
This is something i have kind of sorted for now
D-Bol 30mg ed
deca 300mg/week
Test Enanthate 500mg/week
Eq 300mg/week
D-bol 40mg ed(week 5 alone)
Deca 300mg/week
EQ 400mg/week
HCG 5000 I.U. week5 & week7
Deca 300mg
Would this help me put on 10-12lbs of lean mass.In my previous cycle i gaind about 10lbs of LM.Also would like to kno if i need to incorporate Winny from week 5-8 @100mg/eodti retain gains from weeks 1-4.Suggestions.

In my opinion:
Trade the test enanthate for test prop, and keep it going for weeks 1-8, maybe 100 mg ED. better for lean mass i think

Drop the deca completely and up the Eq dosage to 500 or 600mg for weeks 1-8

upping the d-bol dose 10mg in week 5 isn’t really necessary. pick 30 or 40mg/day and stick with it for the whole cycle

For adding lean mass, go ahead and throw in the winstrol for the last 3 or 4 weeks of the cycle and I would also keep it going a week or two after.

remember, EQ takes a while (2-3 weeks) to lose effect so wait at least that long for PCT


Including the deca for the entire cycle was solely for the cushioning of the joints otherwise thro’ winny i might experience joint pains.Does Eq have any of the joint cushionin effects as in deca?R there any other ways i can fight joint wear durin on winny?

Yes, eq will provide some benefit. i am dosing it orally at 100mg 5 times per day with meals. working well a few days in, 0 sides

sodium pentosan polysulfate, sold under pentosan vet and cartophen vet will help too (i can personally attest to this, 2ml every two and a half days - 60 hrs apart - for 5 injects so that the last one comes about 5 days before the end of the cycle as in when levels drop, not last inject) along with double doses of glucosamine, chondroitin, msm and fish oil, vit c, vit e.

I would only get Injectable Eq and i can’t find any Test Prop out here as for PCT ,i guess i can go in for HCG @500 I.U. weeks 5-7 and Nolva@20mg/ed,Proviron???and Clomid threapy Post cycle.Also let me kno what i’d need as PCT for Eq.Pl reply asap.

forget about the eq and shutdown, the deca is what needs to be dealt with. with eq, at least shorter cycles, there is not a lot of shutdown and production comes back fast. it is the other products in your stack that can cause longer lasting problems.

for the record, i am using injectible eq, just taking 0.5 ml with each of my first 5 meals, orally. i make sure to eat a decent amount of fat to help. i figure that it should work like andriol since they have the same ester (yes undecanoate and undecylate are the same thing - different naming systems). so far the results have been decent.

Also do u think it’s wise to dump the Deca altogether,as tfrench has put it!!!
Also wanted to kno if goin for winny weeks 5-8 would be hard on my joints or would the Glucosamin chondroitin, MSM, Fish oil, etc… make up for it.Any special PCT for EQ and when should i start it incase i’m going with it for the entire 8 weeks of the cycle??As for the water retention from D-Bol and Test Enanthate, will EQ handle a bit.