24 Hour Fasts Incorporated into Fat Loss Plan

Hi Paul

For pure fat loss…

If one wishes to incorporate 3 24 hours fasts during the week, how would you suggest training and nutrition be set up on non fasting/training days please? (30-60 mins steady state cardio on fasting days before 500cal meal in evening)

I’m thinking a 48-36 hour fast to ‘get things going’.

Potentially M/W/F fasting days or alternate fast/feed days through the week.

This would be a 4-6 week blitz approach.

Thanks as always

Moog (Mike)

I don’t think you need 3. I’d stick to 2 on non consecutive days. That will still create a big energy deficit. Three would work for fat loss of course, but I just feel as though 2 will get the job done really well so long as the other days you’re eating at maintenance or slightly below it.