22yr old Cruising on TRT-Level Dose (1300ish) for Strength Gains?

There’s so much to say so I’ll post more than one reply but here goes:

I am pro steroid use especially in the case where someone has high aspirations such as yourself. I am not pro what you are suggesting. Pls take the time to read some of what I write.

  • Burnout happens loads at the junior levels. You see some promising lifters then they vanish off the face of the earth. Too much too fast. Powerlifting is a game of years, hell decades. Dudes who get to the top didn’t blast/cruise their way there in a few years.

  • Krzysztof Wierzbicki - 885kg 1st Place 105kg - IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships 2017. Dude may well be using PEDs but passes the strictest testing protocols in Powerlifting.
    At 20% body fat, tho that’s probably a bit conservative, you have a lot of potential lean mass/recompositioning to do to fill out and be competitive in your chosen weight class. Read the first bits of this post because I wrote loads there.

Then keep doing it. You’ve come a long way man Full natty brah. No reason to change anything at this time. Dudes be making natty strength gains into their 40s.

Sounds like a positive trait to have but it tells me you are either ill disciplined or unaware of how to program properly for powerlifting both of which are essentially in getting anywhere nevermind to elite level. You literally cannot take enough drugs to make up for shit programming.

Powerlifters are successful cycling because they know wtf they are doing.