22 Year Old Considering TRT After Steroid Abuse

Hello guys. So it’s been around 17-18 days since I began TRT with 125mg/week divided into two 62.5mg injections a week. I am not taking any AI or HCG right now. So, the first week I noticed a huge increase in energy and libido. My memory was better, my concentration also improved and mood was awesome. All these started to decline a little bit (even though they are better than before I started). Where I can really notice this decline is in libido, I feel like I am almost back to pre TRT. I know 18 days it’s too soon to make a decision on changing dosages or adding compounds like an AI, so I will wait until I am around 5-6 weeks in to get some bloodwork and see how things are going. Until now, I haven’t noticed any estrogenic side effects like bloated face, nipple sensitivity, acne or mood swings.

I have three theories as to why effects have decreased:

  • Estrogen may have increased a little bit
  • It’s too soon for the effects to be stable
  • Suppression of HPTA may have decreased testosterone

What I mean in the third point is that, I had some testosterone in me before TRT because I wasn’t completely hypogonadal. So when I had my first injections, I increased my testosterone from baseline giving me higher testosterone levels. So now that it’s been two weeks, my HPTA is probably shut down and I don’t have that extra testosterone that I had in me the first days.

So based on my next labs and symptoms in around 4 weeks I will be deciding if something needs to be changed or added into my TRT protocol.

Also, I have a question. Should I take the labs before my next test e shot? for example, I am injecting AM Mondays and Thursday. Should I go for bloodwork on Thursday before my shot?

Thanks to all of you guys, this was just an update of how things are going.