21 Y/O Issues with Clomid, Low T, Considering TRT

Hey guys,

I’m a 21 year old considering TRT. I started clomid 2 month ago after about a year of having issues with T. I never had any problems at all until the onset of my hashimoto’s disease. My libido and my performance in the gym tanked and never came back. My blood concentrations were:
328 Dec. 2016
230 April 2016
200 August 2016
360 Dec. 2017 (estradiol 30)
My endo then started clomid 12.5 mg EOD. My T increased to 800, and my free T shot up as well. My e2 only increased to 32, and I saw incredible gains in just the last 2 months, finally hitting a 1200 lb total thanks to clomid. I’ve also noticed gains in my delts especially and shredding of my legs. With all of this in mind, I feel that clomid isn’t for me. I have encountered serious issues with depression and anxiety on clomid, as well as anger and violent urges. My sex drive has not increased, and clomid has actually caused me some ED, which I wasn’t experiencing before (I had no sex drive but erections worked fine, my girlfriend was always the one to initiate sex and I would have sex for her but wouldn’t really enjoy it). I have also been EXTREMELY lethargic, sleeping 14 hours a day and just not wanting to get out of bed at all. I also feel forgetful and foggy a lot of the time. I got my TSH checked to make sure it wasn’t my thyroid and my TSH was 2.0, so thyroid isn’t the culprit. I should mention I have never used PEDs or any kind of T manipulation whatsoever. I am considering TRT now, because I want my sex drive back. I’m tired of not being the horny kid I was only 2 years ago. I wanted to see if anyone has had similar issues with clomid and how I could calm my aggression or drop the lethargy, and I wanted to know what you guys think of starting TRT this early in my life. Are there risks associated with starting TRT this young? Is there any way I can get my libido and erections back without TRT? Should I go off of clomid and attempt to restart? Will my T fall to the 300s again?

Thanks a lot.

We need detailed labs including ranges, it’s really the only way to help you other than guessing. If your thyroid hormone aren’t optimal TRT will never work. You mention only TSH, nothing of your actual thyroid hormones. Doctors that only check TSH are clueless. fT3 is the active thyroid hormone, you are most likely iodine deficient, checking body temps upon waking and 12 noon will tell you a lot. Temps need to be upon waking 97.7 and 12 noon needs to reach 98.6.

A TSH of 2.0 isn’t optimal, if you start TRT result might be partial benefit only. Your response to clomid is typical.