Worth Going on TRT While Waiting for Surgery on Varicocele?

Your doctor is mistaken and doesn’t specialize in this area of medicine, he is blowing smoke up your ass because he really doesn’t want to prescribe TRT to young men, few doctors will. The reason is doctors are taught in medical school TRT causes prostate cancer, so giving a 23 year old TRT, if you were to get prostate cancer his life, career could be in ruins.

In reality this belief that TRT causes prostate cancer was perpetrated by a study is 1941 and has since been proven false, still doctors can not let go of their fear. You more than likely will not get TRT prescribed by a state healthcare doctor.

You need TRT because your levels are very low. You need to seek out a private clinic for your TRT or keep looking for a new doctor.

The doctors below may be able to help.

Dr. Lawrence D. Komer Burlington, Ontario
Dr. Adam Millar at Mount Sinai Hospital in Ontario