Women's Experiences with Testosterone Boosters?

A month ago, I began taking a testosterone booster (TestoFuel) as an experiment because I have been reading a lot about the benefits of women taking a T-booster. I tried this to break through my final few pounds and that thin layer of fat over my quads, arms, stomach, etc. Basing my body on body fat comparison pictures before taking the supplement, I fall into roughly 20% body fat or just above, no more than 21% body fat. I just could not lose that last annoying layer of fat covering the muscles I have been working so hard to grow and define. Now, I’m not huge, but you can clearly see I am fit. I also want to mention that I am 53, have worked out for pretty much most of my life after my early 20’s (missed years here and there due to children and work) but my body always responded quickly to whatever I was doing regarding weight training and diet. I am also 2 years post-menopause, so I have been fighting the fat padding around my belly and hips. I have an hourglass figure by nature. In my early life, I was an ectomorph, responding quickly to any fitness routine. I found that after I lost my menses, losing the fat is much harder.

Before taking the first bottle, I appeared to be approximately 20 - 23% body fat with my “general” measurements as 36 chest X 25 waist X 37 hips. After my first bottle, I appear to be several percentage points lower, definitely under 20%, maybe 19%, with my measurements as 36 x 24 x 36.5. I lost an inch off my waist and a half inch off my hips. My weight has not changed so I may have increased muscle mass a little as I did lose inches and the scale didn’t move. Either way, I still weigh 129, I wear a Small or a Size 2 in clothing. I also want to say that I recently moved out of the state and my weight bench is in storage, therefore, my weight training routine has not been as intense as it usually is. My bench will remain in storage for another month or so, I am currently working with some dumbbells and kettlebells, basically the intensity of maintenance. Seeing as though I lost fat but the scale didn’t budge, perhaps my intensity is more than I estimated, or it is the TestoFuel.

I have also noticed that my sex drive has decreased a lot since taking the supplement. I have an unusually high libido normally which has tanked a little since I started the T-booster and appears to return to normal if I miss a couple doses, so I am convinced that will return when I am done. I have one more bottle and will stop after this.

I eat very very clean, 100-130g of protein daily, no sugar, avoid wheat and other grains that my body hates, work out 4 times a week with weights and for leisure I hike in the mountains and kayak on a regular basis (read almost daily).

Please respond if you have any experience taking T-boosters, I would love to hear how it has gone! Good or bad. I was very skeptical at first and maybe all the progress is just normal progress, not the T-booster, however, the intensity of my workouts have decreased drastically and I still pushed through a plateau, might I add in the middle of a state-wide move with no help so you can imagine my cortisol levels are through the roof lately. I have been doubling up on my fish oil supplements to reduce swelling from the cortisol. Not sure if that is working but something is for sure!

Also, I am curious to what it did to your libido. Did it go back to normal when you stopped? did all your progress go away when you stopped?

There’s not many women here in general, and the ones that are probably haven’t had much, if any experience concerning test boosters. But if it’s helped with your goals, that’s great.

T boosters usually will try to reduce your SHGB so you have more Free T (that is what counts) or they will try to reduce your E2 which doesn’t work if you have normal periods. Your E2 is all over the place thru out the month. IMO you are wasting your money on these OTC products. Get a good HRT doctor and go from there. HTH

Thanks for the input, planetcybertron, we have had discussions before about this, they are always welcome.

hrdlvn, please re-read my post, you missed one very important detail. I have not had a period in over 2 years due to natural causes (I am 53), so clearly, E2 is not all over the f-ing place, it probably does not exist.