Window sticker

I’m just replying to the idea of a testosterone window sticker…BADA$$…hope it goes through…

I want one. how about it?

Yeah count me in.

I already have one on my truck. I had it made at a sign place from a picture of the word “Testosterone” from a printed mag. It’s not a bumper sticker, just the yellow lettering spelling out the word. I get a lot of comments on it.

Question to any law enforcement here

Whold you consider the placement of a sticker appearently supporting the use of a controlled substance on a Vehicle an opportunity for a Stop, much like a 411 sticker?

Coyote, I think most people would think of the natural male sex hormone, not “supporting
the use of a controlled substance”. If they did think of a drug, they would probably think of T replacement therapy. Besides, T-mag uses the name in reference to the natural male hormone, not the drug.

Yea a sticker that reads Testosterone would be fuckin’ rad, until then I’m just gonna get those alphabet stickers and put meathead on my car. O.K. you lift weights and are proud to be a t-man, but keep that shit to yourself, do you guys wear the “lift heavy or go home” shirts? Let your physique speak for yourself and you can do it in normal clothes, eg. not a bitch beater and a shirt so tight it cuts off circulation. All this testosterone promoting can just give the wrong idea and just feed into all that I’m tough, I’m big and dumb, and I lift dumbells for a livin’ shit. Keep it real, train your ass off and lift for you, not so others are like wow that guy is big. Just my two cents.

Your 2 cents is worth less. Should I not wear my tmag t-shirt either? I live in VA and every other car it seems has either a picture of calvin pissing on a ford or a #3 (Dale Earnhardt’s number)sticker. What’s the harm? Ease up and live a little.
(BTW, this is true – When Dale Earnhardt hit the wall, the next day at my kid’s high school, they actually had a “moment of silence” during morning announcements.)

What does Dale Earnhardt’s death have to do with anything. If Ronnie dies put on the testosterone sticker, and have a moment of silence. Something just tells me you are such a little wannabe bodybuilder NERD. It is people like you that just embarass yourself on an everyday basis. Good, just more of you for the rest of us to laugh at. Get fuckin’ real.

The point of bringing up DE is just that a lot of people “fly the NASCAR flag” out here. I am talking about flying the tmag flag. You never did something just for fun, not caring what others (whom you don’t even know, BTW) think about it? I thought the moment of silence thing for a race car driver was funny. As for being a bodybuilder wannabe, I am 46 been lifting since 1985, and have posted some pretty decent PRs. I think I could train with most anyone on this board, at least in terms of intensity. Who knows about weight, as there are likely some really big mofos out there. As for being little, I go 232 this AM at 6’. When I am lean I run 200-210. And finally, why the hostility, all out of proportion to the issue under discussion? Relax.

Having been a cop for 15 years, it is my opinion that a “T” bumper sticker would only get you unwanted attention from the few crappy, unethical, civil rights absuing idiot cops that somehow sneak thru the pre-employment screening process. Having said that, I must say that I got a pretty big chuckle after pacing a guy for excessive speed only to read his bumper sticker. “Faster than a speeding ticket” as I lit him up. After busting his chops about the speed and his sticker, I let him go :slight_smile: