Wild Rice for a Change

Lately, I’ve been getting bored with the same old same old. Yes its true eating healthy can be very limiting when it comes to variety. Sure you can be creative but on a daily basis, eating every 2-3 hours take lots of prep work. Even with MRP’s. So being creative can take more time than one can afford.

 My alternative to brown rice or yams, is wild rice. I don't know how healthy it is compared to the staple complex carbs that the average T-Man consumes. But it has to rank up there. If anyone knows feel free to share. 

 Technically wild rice is not actually a rice. It's a seed. The majority of wild rice is cultivated in my home state of Minnesota. So for me it's a little more affordable and accessable. But keep in mind that it will expand 3-4 times its volume after it has been cooked.

 I hope this helps anyone out there who is bored with the same ol carbs day in and day out.        

P.S It makes ya look fancy when you eat it around other people.