Who's Posts Do You Read?

No…proclaim my greatness! I think that will do it. :wink:

AC, I hereby bow down before you and offer myself in humble servitude. Please be gentle with me, Your Silliness.

Hey Thunder, you never told us whose posts you always read. What’s the big secret?

Everyone’s but my own.

Dan “ignorance is bliss” McVicker

i only read my own.

I rarely read or respond to posts. Really.

Yeah, almost 400 posts is hardly any at all… lol.


man I havn’t been here in ages. But I got mentioned once! (thanks Scrub…haha). My list is VERY similiar to many of yours:

Jared and Justin (might as well stick the two together since they are the two biggest post whores whereever they go)
Joel Marion

and many many many more.

“AC, I hereby bow down before you and offer myself in humble servitude. Please be gentle with me, Your Silliness.”

Now if I could only get woman to say stuff like this to me in real life. Sigh!!! :wink:


P.S. and follow through. :wink:

There are quite a few vets I used to like to read that aren’t around much any more. Machine, Nate Dogg, Heavythrower, and Goldberg come to mind. The posts are rare from these guys. Other than that I read what seem like good topics.

BenTyson your absoultly right. I never seen Tampa-Terry start a thread. She is our “ORACLE”.

hey, i still post once in a while… and i read the articles on this site often, but i did notice that only you mentioned me…my ego is definitly crushed(not that i had much of one anyway).

So you’re telling me getting a shout out from the “Ace” isn’t an ego booster in and of itself! So my mother was wrong! Dammit Ma!

I was a regular on this forum about a year ago and then life got in the way. I never stopped training but family, business, and going back to college all contributed to wiping out any real computer time. I now find myself with some time to once again explore the T-Nation forums. Most of the names that I was familiar with are gone. Machine, E-Machine, Monkey Boy Eric to name a few are no longer around. But I still see some familiar names such as Char-Dawg, Pdog and Drago1 over in the chemical section and a few others. I am still figuring out who is who so I know that I will miss some of the people whose messages I read but Thunder, Tampa Terry, WideGuy, Prisoner#22, and Zeb are names that catch my eye. Short list but there are a lot more names that I am starting to get familiar with. I actually quickly scan the opening of most threads to see if they interest me before diving in and reading all the posts. Oh ya, and I get a kick out of Morg. Love 'em or hate 'em, his humour is my kind of humour. Not sure if that is good or bad.

I know I get really excited when I see my name up there. Tee-Hee.
Thank you,

Seriously folks, my career, my family, hell my life, would not be where it is today, had I not been able to glean all the hard fought knowledge of the guy who had Ahnold shaking in his boots, all the while breaking punching machines for kicks. Anyone remember this icons name?
Thank you,

I am always trying to learn as much as I can about anything that interest me so I read all of the post till a person just puts lame unthought out replies up more than once or twice and then I just skip over them. I read most post about steriods, nutrition, training, politics, MAand religion. I am young so I figure I should be a student of almost everything.