Who's Posts Do You Read?

Pat Swenny, hands down. The entertainment per post value is too high to pass up.

cass, all this talk about a thesis really scares me away from getting a phd

Does Tampa-Terry ever start threads? Or is she just like our oracle.


Thanks a helluva lot, Cass. :frowning:

And yes, Ben, TT does start threads. She’s got at least two current ones I can think of in T&N and Tech Support, I think…

I read everyone’s posts.

Anyone who may be wondering why mine and DanC’s lists are so similar…have you ever seen us both in the same place at the same time?

And Dan McVicker did have the greatest post of all time. Bees are nature’s candy, hahaha.

You fuckers better start readin’ my posts! :slight_smile:

SCRUB: This is your dark side talking. Shhhh. Stop telling people. They might get suspicious.


Tampa-Terry should get compensated for her efforts. Maybe a tub of GROW! or something?

MD I made your list cool…can I ask why? LOL. Last person I would suspect. :wink: (Also I’m going to post on your migraine thread. Yeah I’ve had my fair share of them. :frowning: )

Scrub…bigconan makes your list but I don’t? Where’s the justice? :wink:


Oh yeah. I read all of Chad W’s stuff. CT, Chris Shugart, And most movie or comic threads Pat starts. Otherwise it is dependant upon topic. Also Kelly Bagget…I’m sure I’m missing some. Wish Bill Roberts was back…what happened to him anyways? :frowning:

Dammit I knew I forgot some. There are a lot of smart people here. Boston Barrister, AC, Avoids, ru12nvme, poobayah, vain, TheCuda, janderstein, the Nads brothers, and I feel somewhat gay right now for forgetting about the foxy E. Sheesh.

Also didn’t mention these dudes because they are a given: John R, Marc M. Some big smart mofos.

Arcane, you made my list because your overwhelming silliness never fails to bring a smile to my face.

You still have a way to go before you catch up with Cupcake, but if you keep practicing maybe one day you will.

Scrub…I’m on your smart list? You sure? :wink:

MD: I beg to differ I’m way sillier that Cupcake. Cupcake may be funnier sure…but come on! I silly on here…I’m worse in real life. Or is that better? And as proof of my silliness…ca-ca poopoo ca-ca ca-ca! Yay me!

Oh and Sadam is a fag! But not the gay kind of fag…the fag kind of fag…but not the cigarette. :wink:


All right, AC, you are indeed a foolish child.


Mike Mann… damn boy, you know the love is there! You’re a given!

And Goldie, THESIS SCHMESIS! Ask any grad student who has to write one… it’s F**Kin HARRDDD. When you have to write all the time, your brain doesn’t have the energy to think about posting. I’m not needed around here anyways when we’ve got TT pulling out all the nutrition guidance. She’s a damn smart gal.

I read my posts!

I’m not foolish…I’m silly! Get it right! Nor am I a child…even though I act like one…spell like one… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All right, AC, you’re silly and your spelling sucks. Happy now? :-PP