When to fit in Joint/Core Stability Exercises

[quote]jimmyhatz wrote:
In addition to do doing a regular 5-day split where would you fit in joint/core stability exercises. Would including them at the end of that body part’s workout be the best? For example doing shoulder joint stability exercises on a shoulder day or core workouts on back or leg day.
Or would having a separate day for all stability exercises be better?[/quote]
I like the idea of “fillers”, basically supersetting mobility or activation drills throughout your regular workout. It definitely seems to be more effective than just have one stability day per week. With that kind of stuff, frequency is definitely going to help more.

With things like muscle activation or mobility/stability, the focus isn’t on increasing the weight used, it’s about improving the quality of the movement. As far as intensity during the exercise, it kinda depends on the movement and what you’re trying to address/improve. Generally, it should be hard enough to be effective without detracting from the main lifting in the session.