When is Flameout going to be back in stock?

This is by far my favorite Biotest product! No competitor comes close! When should we expect this to be back in stock?

It’s back now.

Deal ends Monday:


I got a a bunch when on sale. Thanks for making my lipids perfect every year I get my physical!

Bumping this up as my upcoming subscription order just notified me that I will NOT receive my Flameout bottles due to the product being out of stock.

When can we expect Flameout to be back in stock? I did appreciate the email Biotest sent (informing me of this) saying I could find it on Amazon, which I did (for a much higher price)…Am I correct in assuming this is possible because Amazon keeps a good amount of this product in stock at their warehouses?

Last, I wanted to ask why it seems so many Biotest products seem to keep going “Out of Stock” so often? Is it an issue with raw materials availability? Or supply chain issues? I’m just curious as this is the only company [supplement company] that seems to have items go out of stock so often…or really at all. I’ve never heard of Optimum Nutrition having protein out of stock due to a whey shortage, or a preworkout powder being out of stock, ever. Why does this only seem to happen to Biotest?

I can’t imagine the problem being related to Biotest needing extreme amounts of materials to make a huge amount/variety of supplements simply because Biotest doesn’t market/advertise its supplements like other supplement brands and therefore I’d imagine the number of actual consumers of Biotest supplements would be MUCH smaller than, for example, Nutrabio or Optimum, etc. And yes, I know, I know, Biotest uses “high quality and sometimes hard to find raw materials that other supplement brands do not use”, but still, there seems to be a real issue in the production chain with making enough products, often enough, to ensure that these Out of Stock situations don’t keep occurring. Does anyone know what is really causing all of these out of stock issues (not only with Flameout but it seems to intermittently affect many other offerings like Micellar Curcumin, Surge, P-Well, and many others)?



No response from any Biotest people? Surely I cannot be the only customer with these questions regarding these supplements? As I mentioned above, what Biotest lacks in sheer customer numbers, they more than make up for in very LOYAL customers.

Some strange stuff going on ? Big sale in the store, shortage of stock accross the board, normally a supplier would provide an explanation/apology along with ETA for resumption of normal service. I presume some others are taking their custom elsewhere in this vacuum.
Virtually no management presence across a number of matters - this issue, when the boards got re arranged in a complete shambles…
Disappearance of most (all ?) paid contributors.

To put it bluntly this looks like an organisation in trouble. If not, they can provide a credible explanation of what is going on and customers will be relieved.

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@doddfrank Well, what you said seems logical and makes a lot of sense, and could explain the issues this site has been experiencing. I hope this is not true and that there is a better explanation, but from what I have learned over the years and witnessed in the supplement industry…sadly, I think you could be right.

If not, it would be great customer service to let me/us/the customer know what is causing these continued “out of stock” problems that are getting to be a regular occurrence. Biotest very strongly encourages customers to sign up for subscription plans, and even offers price/shipping discounts for doing so, but then my order is repeatedly not able to be 100% fulfilled because one thing or another is “out of stock”. Very frustrating and doesn’t build a lot of faith in me, the customer. I like Biotest’s products and want to purchase them for the science behind them, for the quality of the ingredients, and for their purported health/performance benefits…not to mention I like to support Biotest with my hard-earned dollars so that they will stay in business and continue to create great products.

Biotest has been around a long time, for me, I’ve been hitting the iron since I was in high school in the 90s and remember Testosterone magazine and Biotest from way back then! But these constant out of stock issues have made me have less and less confidence in Biotest being able to deliver my subscriptions to me at the timing intervals I selected, and it leaves me scrambling to find replacement supplements so that my daily supplement regimen is not screwed up.

When almost EVERY SINGLE “content” article is really just a poorly disguised pitch for one of the company’s supplements (and on that note, come on Biotest! Give us some actual useful articles) like “The best way to preserve shoulder health” and then 3 sentencers in the article is pitching Flameout fish oil supplements…I mean, many “articles” will pitch 3, 4, etc. Biotest supplements, which, fine, I understand, yall are running a business. But if you’re pushing your supplements so much, but then you cannot even keep an adequate inventory of them to satisfy your [best/most loyal]subscription customers’ orders…what are you doing? When you subscribe to something, you agree to pay for a product to be delivered on a regular basis e.g. having a daily newspaper subscription. I understand that every once in a blue moon there will be raw material shipping issues, or maybe a broken machine used in manufacturing, etc. but that is supposed to be a rarity, not the norm!

This is also not just an issue I am experiencing or being affected by, but I have several close friends who lift and also enjoy taking various Biotest supplements, have subscriptions for regular supplement deliveries, and they have shared with me that they too are receiving partially filled orders on a pretty regular basis. They tell me that they have to scramble around to buy curcumin or fish oils, etc due to not receiving them in their subscription shipments. So I know this is NOT just a once or twice issue, only somehow affecting me.

PLEASE let us know what is going on!

I’m still frustrated that after getting T-Nation+ the discount isn’t usable for the Amazon only products. I doubt I’ll do it again.

Let me start by saying that your concern shows you care, and we appreciate that.

In terms of the company health, we are launching new products and reformulating others in the name of improvement – not something struggling companies do.

Our goal going forward is to have our products available both here and through our Amazon store so that you, as a customer, can make the best choice for yourself in terms of convenience and budget.

On that note, just about all of our products that aren’t currently available here in our store are available through Amazon.

And trust us, we don’t like the out of stocks anymore than you don’t like them. It’s unfortunately a matter of raw material shortages, increased lead times because of pirates on the ocean, and unavoidable manufacturing delays.

As for the subject of the thread, Flameout, it should be back in stock within two weeks. The out of stock has been caused by a shortage in the fish oil market (definitely worth a Google if you’re interested). To keep our out of stock as short as possible, Biotest paid to air freight in several thousand kilos of our oil because of the extended delays happening to ocean shipments. This will be the largest Flameout run we have ever done.

@doddfrank @meastlake1


I get it, @Brant_Drake, and apologies for the frustration. Each store is completely independent in terms of promotions and discounts, though.

We do offer promotions and discounts on our Amazon store, as well.

Finally: something that WE can do to help Biotest

Please: write your congressman! Demand a letter of marque! Go get your Flameout!


@Matthew_Weeldreyer Thank you very much for taking the time to reply and explain. I had always figured in, when placing my orders, to add an extra bottle of product to allow for some overlap due to these issues but moving forward I might just increase that a bit. That way, whenever I receive a new order I am not completely out but rather still maybe have 2 unopened bottles from my previous order. If there is a delay, I can maybe pause my upcoming order for a week or two so that when I do order I will receive everything together.

Thanks again.

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You’re very welcome! I’m glad I was able to help.

I’ve been a customer for over 20 years, and I’m at the end of my rope with all the out-of-stock items. Strange that Amazon is plenty stocked with Biotest products…

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Someone do the paperwork! I’m more an execution guy


At first they did have the “sold out” banners across the products in the store and then they decided to confuse people or get our hopes up by taking those away, so you can click on flameout, micellar curcumin, etc. and then on the next page THEN they tell you “oh yeah, did we mention it’s sold out?”

We absolutely appreciate your loyalty over all of the years!

Biotest products are still available through Amazon because we supply them up front with products, and they distribute them to their various fulfillment centers for prompt delivery. Regrettably, we have simply run out of our stock here at our warehouse, while they still have products available.

As for the out of stock items, unfortunately, it’s a matter of raw material shortages, increased lead times because of pirates on the ocean, and unavoidable manufacturing delays. We are doing everything we can to have products back in stock as quickly as possible, but it really is still a crazy time in the manufacturing world. Because of this, we hesitate to put out ETAs on out of stock items because of how quickly and unexpectedly that date can change.


I believe that to be the case because those products are still available through Amazon. We’d rather the customer be able to see that they are available there, and then make an informed decision as to whether they would like to make a purchase.

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