What's special about AP?

There’s another very good reason to buy AP over other protein brands that hasn’t been mentioned yet. AP is easily better than anything else that I’ve tried, but if it were only equal or even if some other brand were (to quote Arnold) “a few percent better than [AP]”, I would still buy it simply to support Biotest. Think about it: does Optimum Nutrition have a forum like this? Does Labrada give away free advice in Reader Mail or publish great articles every week? Does any other company push the research and development envelope as much as Biotest? The answers are no, obviously not.

There are a few pathetic copycat outfits out there that attempt to compete with Biotest/T-Mag, but that’s all it is: a pathetic copycat attempt. Purchases of AP and other Biotest products allow this forum to stay in operation, and T-Mag to continue publishing the best and most informative stuff in bodybuilding. And for that reason alone I will continue to support them with my hard-earned money. And everyone else who reads this forum (or T-mag) and gets something out of it that they can use in the gym should too.

Hey thanks for the information. If that’s the case I guess it works for other meals to so I’ll replace my 500 calories chicken breast, flax and broccoli lunch with 500 calories of M&M’s and potato chips…Hey!!..why don’t I do this for every meal of the day since it won’t matter what I eat anyway as long as the calories are the same!

Amen char-dawg!! My thoughts exactly. Oh ya, thanks guys for finding that enzyme before I had a chance to. School is keeping me busy this week. That is why the guys in this forum is such a great help to others. They are willing to help, put in their two-cents, and make things interesting in our favorite past-time. Thanks T-mag and the guys in the forum!!

Great answer, Kelly! LMAO!

Agree with char 200% on this one. When I buy a Biotest supplement, I factor in ABOVE ALL the quality. But like char said; think about it. What would you pay for a quality pay site like this? (I’ve been on some pay sites; none have near the quality). What about consultations with some of the top trainers, nutritionist, atheletes, powerlifters, bodybuilders etc. in the world? (No exaggereation). What about a Forum where you can civily (most of the time!) exchange workout, diet and even dating ideas from people of all backgrounds? I tell you guys. Number one…I’m getting cutting edge supplements…but the rest that I get is incalcuable.

That being said, Merlin still asked a legitimate question, and I hope others have answered it. But we should also consider the whole package. If you do that, then you realize that “Biotest” supplements are some of the “cheapest” on the market.