What to expect coming off TRT

Asked the question within another thread that might get lost amongst the other replies. So wanted to separate it

Dr has told me to stop TRT after 8 mths after out of sync blood markers. So i have to give blood, re test and see if hes happy for me to restart. Timings of all this unknown, as getting appointments to give blood seem to be long waiting lists

Anyhow. Im keen to understand what i can expect and how quickly after stopping

Things were starting to click. After quite a bit of optimising over 8 mths. So a little frustrated, that im now having to completely stop

Can you elaborate on this? True TRT shouldn’t be the cause of anything I can think of that would merit ceasing it.

What can you expect? Well for the next 4 weeks your levels will start diminishing. Most guys will start noticing in the 2-4 week period. They will bottom out and stay low from weeks 4-8 and you probably won’t feel great nor perform well in the bedroom. You body will likely start chugging along on its own in the second time frame and after two months you’ll start to slowly get back to wherever you were before TRT. Thats how it was when I used to cycle and stopped anyway.


Hey Mate

Here was my latest blood work and due to the higher levels of my Haemoglobin & Haematocrit. Dr has suggested I stop treatment, donate blood, then have another blood test to ensure these markers have come done. And then will propose how to start again. Also suggested I aim to now give blood every 3 months - expected that I’ll be off TRT for about 1.5/2 weeks based on my appointments

Meanwhile, he has me taking 0.22ml of HCG twice weekly

Repeated blood donations can increase the risk of decreasing your stores (ferritin) and causing iron deficiency.

Yeah you mentioned that before. I’m not planning on donating as often as every 3 months, this part was a recommendation after the 1st donation, not a must

This is from 100mg/wk of Test Enth?

I was moved 5 weeks ago to testex (part of the Cypionate family) at dose of 0.44ml twice a week
Not sure what that correlates to in terms of mg

Well most Cyp is 200mg/ml so you were likely taking 180mg/wk. it’s too high of a dose for you. What were your T/FT levels? I bet a dose correction will alleviate your issues. You may still end up slightly above range but not necessarily a concerning degree.

Heres my full results. I have to admit Im still learning about T/FT and which is the most important in terms of whether TRT is doing its thing from a reading perspective. I will say my libido and erection quality is about the only things that havent improved

HCG can cause low libido and ED, because the LH receptors weren’t meant to be constantly stimulated. I always recommend foregoing the hCG when starting out on TRT.

It’s best to have only one variable at a time.

My ED and zero libido didn’t start improving until I started addressing the cause of my low testosterone, which is type 2 diabetes and the deficiencies caused by it.

If I were in your shoes I would try an ED protocol of about 15mg. Solo Test, nothing else. That’s far less than you are taking now which should help with your thick blood. Also some guys with low SHBG like you report better results with frequent injections. Discuss with your doc, I’m not giving actual medical advice but more or less giving you topics to address both your issues.

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Thank you gents
I’ll chat with my Dr

You guys rock the snap

Your doctor has you on a dosage that is putting your free T over the range and his solution is to stop TRT because of hemoglobin and hematocrit issues? Huh?

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I can vouch for this. For some reason whenever I try to introduce HCG it always messes with sexual function, even when E2 is in range.

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Thought I’d update this thread and will continue too over the course of the next few weeks, on how I’m going, what I’m experiencing since stopping dead on TRT following Dr’s advice due to elevated blood readings

Firstly, I’m needed to donate blood as part of the process. Sadly I’m unable to do this until sometime in July, due to having an endoscopy in March and there’s a requirement of at least 4 mnths following such a procedure before I’m allowed to donate. Which is annoying, but somewhat a blessing, since getting an appointment with the NHS seems to be gold dust and it’s at least a 4 month wait for an appointment. Although I will see about a private donation when I’m eligible

So I’m just over 2 weeks since stopping TRT. Main things I’ve noticed so far

  • Energy levels are definitely worse, I feel more tired throughout the day than I did previously. Even napping at points, which is unlike me

  • Motivation took a swipe, but I’ve napped myself out of this, as I don’t think that’s entirely test related

  • Sleep quality is a little worse, it’s never been great anyway, but it’s definitely gotten a little worse. But I hope it settles soon

  • Libido is non existent, although with a little work initially, I am able to get an erection and it’s not bad quality, but I wouldn’t say it’s great. Hopefully that improves over time, since HCG has been suggested could be a cause of this to a degree

  • Weight has come down quite a bit. Pre TRT I was around the 117kg mark, when initially starting it shot up to 120kg, but the intro of Anastrozole, it came down over a few weeks, to around the 117kg, but with a leaner look about me. I’m now down to 114kg, which is the lightest I’ve been in more than 10 years. I knew my weight might drop a little coming off TRT, but I didn’t expect it to end up worse than pre. Missus says you can’t see it, but I’ve definitely dropped more weight than I’d have expected. No idea why. Monitoring

  • Strength in gym seems to be semi holding, but due to energy levels, I can see it’s starting to fade. Guess this was to be expected, hopefully it doesn’t fade too much

  • Body shape has changed, fluffier than pre and post TRT, not too fazed by it as I’ll just keep training and eating accordingly and hopefully things improve overtime

Outside of this, I’ve not noticed much else, but it might be too early to tell, it being only just about 2 weeks. Not sure if there’s more to come or not. If not, and some of the items above improve. I may not bother going back on again, as I may not need to. I might be able to function on a lower level of testosterone, as long as the impact in certain areas aren’t too drastic. I’ll decide nearer to the time it’s looking like it might be an option. I’m also going to try and ignore the marketing around TRT as a process of deciding, and purely base my decision having been on for 8 months, by comparing pre, on and post treatment and assess how / when I felt the best in the areas that are important, as to whether I do try again or not. Basically a decision for the right reasons overall